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Today's daily energy on April 24, 2022 will be characterized on the one hand by the continued waning moon, which in turn has changed since yesterday morning (08:22) is in the zodiac sign Aquarius and therefore gives us the energy quality of the element air. On the other hand, the waning moon is now slowly but surely heading towards the coming new moon, which will reach us in seven days, i.e. on April 30th, thereby ending the second month of spring and ushering in the third month of spring, May. Nevertheless, the primary focus today is on the uplifting energy of the Aquarius Moon.

Influences of the Aquarius Moon

Influences of the Aquarius MoonIn this context, the moon, when it is in the zodiac sign Aquarius, always gives us an exceptional quality. In this regard, Aquarius stands like no other zodiac sign for the pull towards freedom, independence and, above all, the aftermath of extraordinary actions. It is not for nothing that people often talk about the Age of Aquarius within the overall awakening process. Regardless of a major cycle change, Aquarius, at its core, wants to lead us into a state of maximum freedom. Especially in today's world, we often allow ourselves to be limited by various patterns or are generally exposed to very restrictive circumstances. Be it, on the one hand, the system in which our own mind is kept small with all our might or we are actually exposed to a lot of strict and, above all, massively restrictive laws, or even our own self-imposed mental blockages, mainly caused by limiting beliefs, beliefs and, above all, caused by a negatively oriented spectrum of thoughts (We lose ourselves in disharmonious thoughts and, as a result, lose ourselves in our own inner center). We ourselves have been brought up to work in limiting patterns. We shouldn't imagine big worlds, but should rather be convinced that our effectiveness/creative power and, above all, our possibilities are very limited. As a result, our reality should only expand in energetically heavy/dense directions, instead of us traveling to ideas/worlds that are full of lightness, divinity and infinity. But each of us is destined deep down for the greatest development and can break all of the chains we have imposed ourselves.

Sun in Taurus

daily energyWe can manifest a fully luminous version of ourselves. Today's waning Aquarius Moon can show us exactly this power. In exactly the same way, the waning moon favors the additional decrease/shedding of one's own dark patterns. We can more easily let go of difficult conditions and free ourselves from stressful or limiting patterns. Well then, otherwise I would also like to point out that the sun changed to the zodiac sign Taurus a few days ago. In this way, the earth sign is completely illuminated and, above all, all of our inner parts associated with it. Thus, a lot of grounding, stability and security would like to manifest itself in our reality or we should let go of all areas of ourselves through which we cannot live out corresponding parts of ourselves. In exactly the same way, Taurus stands for enjoyment, relaxation and our comfort zone. We can look at where in life we ​​may be too stubborn or don't allow ourselves enough rest and relaxation. Especially in the current time of information war, in which we are literally bombarded with dark information and it can sometimes be difficult not to let your own inner space be infiltrated with all the disharmonious energies, it is generally more important than ever that we work for more create joyful and relaxing situations. We should therefore welcome the current energy quality and internally free ourselves from limiting situations. It's time for us to become completely spiritually free. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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