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With today's daily energy on September 23, 2023, we have a very special energy quality, because today is mainly marked by one of the four annual sun festivals, the autumn equinox (Equinox – also called Mabon) embossed. So we not only reach the energetic peak this month, but also one of the magical highlights of the year. In this regard, the four annual moon and sun festivals always have a profound impact on our own field. The spring and autumn equinoxes in particular are accompanied by major activations in nature.

Energies of the Autumnal Equinox

daily energyUltimately, these two festivals also represent a universal balance of power. So day and night are the same length (12 hours each), i.e. the period in which it is light and the period in which it is dark are of their own duration, a circumstance that represents a deep balance between light and darkness or a balancing of opposing forces. All parts want to achieve synchronicity or balance. And all the circumstances or thoughts and self-images on our part, which in turn remain in the vibrational level of imbalance, want to be brought into harmony. Today's autumn equinox, which also begins with the sun's change to the zodiac sign Libra (e.gAt the spring equinox, the sun changes from the zodiac sign Pisces to the zodiac sign Aries, ushering in spring – the true beginning of the year. At the autumn equinox, the sun moves from Virgo to Libra), therefore essentially represents a highly magical festival that was already celebrated and valued by earlier advanced cultures. In this context, today also fully ushers in autumn. Viewed purely on an energetic level, a deep activation takes place within nature, whereby the entire fauna and flora adapt to this cycle change. As a rule, from this day onwards you can observe how autumn manifests itself with particular speed. It is therefore the true beginning of this highly mystical season.

Sun moves into the zodiac sign Libra

Practice basic trustIn this regard, there is hardly any other season that brings with it as much mysticism and magic as autumn. While it gets darker and darker every day and the play of colors in nature changes to the autumnal brown/gold tones, along with what feels like a more charged and cooler atmosphere, we can dive deep into our own innermost being. For example, when I go into the forest during the fall and meditate there, I always reach countless deep insights. Autumn and winter are perfectly designed to bring us back to ourselves. Well then, otherwise the autumnal equinox, as already mentioned, is always accompanied by the sun changing into the zodiac sign Libra. We are now not only entering an air phase, but also a four-week period in which our heart chakra is strongly addressed. The scales are also closely linked to the heart chakra. After all, Libra's ruling planet is also Venus. The joy of life, pleasure and the activation of our own heart field will therefore be in the foreground during this time. In keeping with the magical autumn atmosphere, we can go into our innermost being and see what might be blocking the flow of our own heart field. This is exactly how we could experience our love for the big picture through mystical nature, because anyone who immerses themselves in the mysticism of autumn, i.e. absorbs this entire atmosphere, can discover how unique and beautiful life and nature can be. Enjoying nature and allowing these energies to flow into our own heart center can be a true blessing at this time. With this in mind, we look forward to the time that is now beginning and enjoy the special autumn equinox today. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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