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Today's daily energy on September 23, 2017 is accompanied by strong cosmic influences. In the last few days/weeks I had the suspicion that today, when a very special star constellation reached us, the energetic influences would be of high intensity. Ultimately, this has now come true and the influences today are of a very intense nature. Whether this has to do with the unique star constellation – which in turn only occurs every 6000-7000 years, I think so. At least it is no coincidence that today, of all days, the cosmic radiation is so high.

Strong energetic influences

High cosmic influences

Source: http://www.praxis-umeria.de/kosmischer-wetterbericht-der-liebe.html

For this reason, we shouldn't overexert ourselves too much physically today, simply to be able to ensure optimal integration of the high energies. In this context, on such days our own mind/body/soul system is literally flooded with high energies, is illuminated (which often leads to us being confronted with our own shadow parts and other hidden karmic patterns), which is why we simply recognize a circumstance should create, which favors the absorption of these energies. One of these is a natural diet. Especially today we should pay attention to our diet and eat natural foods. In particular, we should eat lots of vegetables, fruit, legumes, oils and lots of fresh – preferably energized/structured water + camomile tea to calm things down. Ultimately, this simply makes it easier to absorb these high energetic influences and we can process this rapid increase much better. Otherwise, it is also advisable to stay in nature for a longer period of time today.

Staying in natural surroundings increases our own vibration frequency and as a result has a very positive effect on our own spirit..!!

As far as that is concerned, forests, for example, generally have a very healing influence on our own physical + mental constitution, which is why we should generally go for walks in nature quite often. Ultimately, such a project today is therefore only highly recommended. Go for walks, enjoy the tranquility of nature and use the positive influences of natural surroundings. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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