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Today's daily energy on October 23rd is still subject to a 10-day portal day series and above all to the associated increased cosmic radiation. Our planet is currently experiencing a drastic increase in its own vibration frequency, which is mainly due to this series of portal days. So portal days are ultimately also days predicted by the Maya (Maya - earlier high culture - predicted, for example, the apocalyptic years, beginning December 21, 2012, apocalypse = unveiling, revelation, unveiling), on which an increased cosmic radiation reaches us humans, what then always leads to an increase in our own vibration frequency or paves the way for us humans that leads to such an increase in frequency.

Continued increases in frequency

Continued increases in frequencyThe frequency increase of our own state of consciousness can ultimately also be compared with a state of consciousness that, firstly, is continuously raised and, secondly, becomes increasingly more positive or more harmonious in its orientation. So you could also equate a very high vibrating state of consciousness with a mental state in which higher emotions and thoughts find their place. A consciousness in which love, harmony, happiness and peace are present again (a 5-dimensional, mental state of consciousness, instead of a 3-dimensional, materially oriented state of consciousness). Since, due to the current very intense phase, our planet is constantly experiencing an increase in its own vibration frequency increase, we humans automatically join in and achieve an increase in our own frequency in the same way. However, since we humans still have to struggle with a lot of negative programming, i.e. negative behavior, thoughts and habits (own shadow parts), we are confronted with these problems in a tough way, especially on such days. This happens for the reason that we humans face our own problems again, change/transform/redeem them, in order to be able to guarantee a frequency increase of our own spirit again as a result. A person cannot stay in a high frequency for long if they let their own problems dominate them mentally again and again, if they judge, are angry, anxious or even permanently sad.

The fewer shadow parts a person is subject to, the less negative programming is anchored in their own subconscious, the easier it is for them to stay in a high frequency..!!

For this reason, portal days can also be perceived as very exhausting, simply because then all our feelings and unresolved problems can come up. On the other hand, the high incoming energies can also be very tiring, simply because our own mind/body/spirit system has to process these high cosmic influences. Ultimately, this is also something that I am currently feeling. So I'm doing well overall and I currently have a lot under control, I was able to free myself from many dependencies and I'm constantly developing, but for the last 2-3 days I've been feeling an increasing fatigue in my own mind.

Not only can planetary frequency increases confront us with our own shadow parts, but they can also tire us due to the integration into our own mind/body/spirit system..!!

So I sleep much longer than usual, am exhausted during the day and just feel how much my body processes the incoming frequencies. Well, that's not surprising either, because after all, we've had increased cosmic radiation for the last 8 days and even massive increases in this regard for the last 3 days (even today, yesterday's peak value was exceeded again). In the longer term, this can simply be very exhausting and cause a certain degree of exhaustion. For this reason, it is currently advisable to take it easy on the body and eat lots of natural foods. In this way we support the current process and can definitely deal with the constant increases in frequency more easily. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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