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Today's daily energy on March 23, 2018 is still influenced by the moon in the zodiac sign Gemini, which means we could generally be in a communicative mood and have a sharp mind. On the other hand, Mercury is retrograde starting today (since 01:18 a.m. - Mercury retrogrades several times a year for about three weeks), which in turn means that our communicative aspects suffer.

Retrograde Mercury

Retrograde MercuryIn this context, Mercury is also considered a planet of communication and intellect. In particular, it can influence our logical thinking, our ability to learn, our ability to concentrate and also our ability to express ourselves verbally. On the other hand, it can also influence our ability to make decisions and bring any type of human communication to the fore. However, when Mercury is retrograde, its effects in this relationship can be more of a disharmonious nature and lead to misunderstandings and general problems between conversation partners. Discussions therefore often do not lead to the desired results, which is why negotiations of any kind can be counterproductive. Since our concentration can suffer greatly due to Mercury retrograde, we may find it difficult to absorb new knowledge or even learn new things. Ultimately, Mercury retrograde also “bites” with the Moon in the zodiac sign Gemini, especially since the “Gemini Moon” stands for communication and inquisitiveness/curiosity. However, as the moon switches back to the zodiac sign Cancer tomorrow morning, the influences of Mercury retrograde could take over.

Today's daily energy is particularly influenced by the beginning influences of Mercury retrograde, which is why we could not only suffer from concentration problems, but also be in anything but a communicative mood..!!

For this reason, we should practice patience, mindfulness, prudence and calm under these influences and, as a result, act cautiously in various pronunciations. On the other hand, we shouldn't put too much pressure on ourselves but should take the time we need when implementing new projects. As far as this is concerned, I have also posted a small list here from the website viversum.de, in which circumstances are listed that will now benefit us and circumstances that we should now avoid are listed:

What we should leave aside during this time

  • conclude important contracts
  • make hasty decisions
  • make larger investments
  • tackle long-term projects
  • really want to move things forward
  • Do things at the last minute

What we should do during this time

  • complete projects that have been started
  • apologize for a mistake
  • revise wrong decisions
  • Work up what is left behind
  • get rid of old things
  • make new (professional) plans
  • get to the bottom of things
  • reorganize yourself
  • Rethink opinions and attitudes
  • review the past
  • create order
  • draw the balance

Well, apart from Mercury retrograde and the moon in the zodiac sign Gemini, we have three other lunar constellations. At 07:38 a.m. a square between the Moon and Neptune (in the zodiac sign Gemini) takes effect, which could cause us to be in a dreamy mood early in the morning and, overall, rather passive, oversensitive and unbalanced. At 11:31 a.m. a sextile between the Moon and Mercury (in the zodiac sign Aries) becomes active again, which temporarily benefits our minds and promotes independent and practical thinking. Last but not least, at 18:06 p.m. a sextile between the Moon and Venus (in the zodiac sign Aries) takes effect, which is a good aspect in terms of love and marriage, simply because it can make our feelings of love very strong. On the other hand, this sextile could make us very open to our family. Ultimately, however, it should be said that the beginning influences of Mercury retrograde are particularly important, which is why we should avoid conflictual conversations (or keep calm in corresponding situations). With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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