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Today's daily energy on February 23, 2019 is still all about transformation and purification and therefore still favors circumstances through which we can feel our own being much more strongly and also still experience circumstances, which can not only reflect our own very deep-seated patterns, but also our entire current state of consciousness.

Receive natural abundance

Natural fullnessOf course, this happens all the time, because at the end of the day the entire external world represents our inner world and, as we know, it is of a mental nature, i.e. the external world always reflects our own spirit (us - our creation). We therefore see our mind, which in turn consists of energy/frequencies, in the external world. For this reason, the world is not as it is but always as we ourselves are. Our perception of things is therefore crucial for our existence and, above all, for our future path in life. Conflicts with other people, for example with your own partner (like the day before yesterday Daily Energy Article described), subsequently only reflect internal unresolved conflicts/patterns. And since we always have our own inner state in mind, we can subsequently always learn to better understand our current state of being. The same applies to our own self-love, which is also reflected in this way and is expressed not only through our inner attitude but also through our perception (How do you perceive the world - i.e. the world itself, your fellow human beings, your surroundings, nature, animals and the entire existence?). In exactly the same way, thanks to this fundamental mechanism, we can recognize our own fullness not only within ourselves, but also outside. This is also noticeable in the circumstances that we then attract into our lives. And abundance in particular is a topic that is becoming more and more relevant to us. Of course, we always strive for a fulfilled life or for living conditions that are based on abundance (or rather, abundance is something that corresponds to our true nature), but especially in the current age of awakening, we are experiencing more and more circumstances through which we are moving towards natural abundance. Nature is a wonderful way to see the natural abundance that we can experience at any time, because in nature there is no lack, only abundance.

We don't have to die to get to the kingdom of heaven. In fact, it is enough to be fully alive. If we breathe in and out mindfully and hug a beautiful tree, we are in heaven. If we take a conscious breath and are aware of our eyes, our heart, our liver and our non-toothache, we will be carried immediately to paradise. Peace is present. We just have to touch him. If we are fully alive, we can experience that the tree is part of heaven and that we are also part of heaven. – Thich Nhat Hanh..!!

I have personally become really aware of this richness since I go into nature almost every day and harvest medicinal plants (I've been drinking herbal shakes every day for several months). Since then I have recognized so much abundance in nature that it is sometimes astonishing how much abundance is present in nature (Forests, for example, are full of medicinal herbs, mushrooms, berries in the summer, etc. This knowledge is fundamental, because this food is undisputed in terms of its natural nutrient density and, above all, its liveliness. Here I describe the topic in more detail). Nature, in its wholeness and perfection, represents abundance and reveals this fact to us every day. And especially now that spring is slowly beginning and nature is becoming more alive, i.e. nature is thriving (natural growth & natural wealth), we can watch directly as nature rearranges itself and showers us with its natural abundance. As inside so outside, as outside so inside, as in large so in small, as in small so in large. The principle of natural abundance, which we can now clearly see within nature, can therefore be transferred 1:1 to us humans, because this natural abundance is also deeply anchored in our being and can be experienced again at any time. We can immerse ourselves in a corresponding state of consciousness at any time. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am grateful for any support 

Joy of the day on February 23, 2019 – What you focus your attention on decides EVERYTHING
joy of life

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