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new moon

With today's daily energy on December 23, 2022, we are receiving the lingering influences of the highly magical winter solstice, which in turn ushered in deep winter two days ago and made a new phase of the cycle manifest. On the other hand, this morning, at 11:17 am to be precise, a new moon in Capricorn arrives. The Capricorn Moon is opposite the Sun, which has also been in Capricorn since the winter solstice. Thus a double earth energy reaches us, through which we can experience a special circumstance of the structure.

Capricorn moon energies

new moonIn this sense, just before Christmas, an energy quality reaches us that in turn can put our own mind into a state of calm. The Capricorn sign is always associated with energies that allow us to structure ourselves internally, promote rational thinking, allow us to implement plans in a targeted or persistent manner and, overall, awaken the drive to manifest a circumstance that is based on security. For this reason, the sun and new moon generally favor a state in which we can fundamentally work on the manifestation of a pronounced inner stability. And since the energies of a new moon are always extremely refreshing and, moreover, our own energy system is designed for drainage, reduction and general detoxification, we can let aspects of our being rest or even let them go - aspects through which we permanently take away our own grounding let. It is about firmly shifting our focus to stable and grounding circumstances, rather than mentally falling into the abyss itself, through which we merely experience a mental state of instability. The sun itself, which in turn represents our essence, therefore illuminates deep structures in us in which we ourselves are not yet firmly established. The moon in turn stands for our hidden parts and also for our emotional life. The Capricorn new moon therefore wants us to put our feelings in order. Instead of letting disharmonious feelings dominate us, it is important to let a stable emotional life based on order prevail.

Moon/Jupiter Square

new moonWell, on the other hand, today's new moon squares Jupiter. Jupiter himself, who in turn has just switched to the zodiac sign Aries in his directness, gives us a corresponding drive and wants us to realize ourselves in depth. In combination with today's square to the moon, an aspect has emerged that prompts us to reach our inner center. The earthy Capricorn moon wants to bring us down to earth and let calm and security prevail. Jupiter in Aries, in turn, favors moods that allow us to make strong advances and, if necessary, to proceed impetuously. For this reason, we should be mindful of today's influences and not get too emotionally involved with ourselves. Those who remain calm can draw a lot of strength from today's new moon mixture. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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