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Today's daily energy on August 23, 2020 will be shaped on the one hand by the POWERFUL influences of the second portal day and on the other hand by the sun, which on the one hand is changing into the zodiac sign Virgo (at 17:38 p.m. to be precise) and U.S on the other hand, prepared for strong solar flares that will most likely reach us in the coming days and, when they occur, will trigger an energetic “PEAK”.

solar energy

In this context, I have repeatedly reported about the incredible healing power of the sun. Not only that direct sunlight triggers countless inspiring biochemical processes in our organism and thereby promotes a strong healing process (Just a short stay in the sun lowers your own blood pressure and your mind enters a state of calm), or even the power of stored sunlight within natural foods, e.g. Medicinal plants and co. which, when captured, supply our entire system with light photons, but we also benefit from solar flares, i.e. radiation released by solar flares, which directly reaches our earth and subsequently flows through the collective spirit with the highest energy. In this regard, corresponding solar winds always represent massive energetic updates, which in turn accelerate the uninstallation of old 3D patterns/structures and, on the other hand, promote the installation of high-frequency 5D structures, i.e. structures based on freedom, abundance, love and wisdom. Corresponding solar flares, in combination with the current portal day phase, can therefore trigger a real stream of light.

Well, in keeping with this I would also like another post or translation from the site esistallesda.de quote, which is about the current portal day phase and, above all, the associated solar winds:

“10 portal activation days in a row. 10-day portal: August 22.8nd until August 31.08.2020, XNUMX - A week of high solar radiation is just around the corner.-

Increase in cosmic/solar activity. Peak day is August 25, 2020. Several sun spots light up. - We are starting the energy of the new solar cycle. - A new solar cycle means more objective consciousness. What emerges is unique to the individual. The sun and the earth 'breathe' together in a certain rhythm, just like a heartbeat. Sunspots have their own 'heartbeat' rhythm, cycles and also polarity negative/positive cycles. You actually 'breathe' - inhale and exhale. They push and pull. Pay attention to your dreams, ideas, visions. Some big changes are taking shape NOW and it will feel like a brand new beginning for many.”

Ultimately, for this reason, we can assume that this portal day phase will be significantly more intense than the previous one from last month. After all, the first day of the portal, i.e. yesterday, was quite challenging in this regard. Late in the evening I had a constantly very warm head + hot ears. This phenomenon usually occurs for me when something violent is happening energetically. With this in mind, we can be curious to see what will happen next in this phase. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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