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Today's daily energy on August 23, 2019 will be characterized on the one hand by a lunar change, because the moon will change to the zodiac sign Gemini at 16:30 p.m. (before or in the first half of the day Taurus Moon: sociability, calm, persistent behavior or confrontation with conditions that prevent us from corresponding feelings) and from then on gives us influences through which we can be in a much more communicative and inquisitive mood overall.

Moon in the zodiac sign Gemini

An increased thirst for knowledge, especially in relation to fundamental information regarding one's own spiritual origins (Roots of our being/our origin - spiritual interest/awakening) can therefore also be increasingly in the foreground, i.e. an inner urge to want to deal with relevant information (Background/truth about the world). The manifestation of new beliefs, convictions, world views and behavior is very much in the foreground, although this is generally very present at the moment - hardly anyone can escape all of this or can still escape the transition into the 5th dimension, the pull is extreme. But the communicative aspect will also be very important for the next two to three days and will be responsible for the fact that we want to exchange ideas with friends and family about certain topics. We may also confide in someone and reveal our inner desires, ambitions or even current problems. Even if we reveal everyday things, i.e. situations and experiences that may seem “small” to us at first, they can be very beneficial to our mental state. Well, at the end of the day we can also prepare for the fact that the Gemini Moon, especially in combination with the strong prevailing energies, will bring up unfulfilled themes - related to interpersonal relationships (Communication & the relationship with ourselves), transported into our daily consciousness, at least when we are subject to internal conflicts in this regard.

The unmanifest frees you only when you consciously step into it. That is why Jesus does not say: "The truth will set you free", but: "You will know the truth and the truth will set you free." - Eckhart Tolle..!!

Ultimately, this circumstance can reach a climax again tomorrow, because August 24th is a portal day. On this day everything will be experienced much more intensively and access to our own inner world, access to our soul life, will be opened up more. The next two to three days will therefore once again be characterized by transformation in a special way. It remains exciting. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support 🙂 

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