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daily energy

Overall, today's daily energy is special compared to all other energetic forces. As a rule, the daily energetic influences are usually characterized by aspects of movement and change. Therefore, for example, it is often about initiating one's own changes and realignments in order to be able to steer one's own life back into more positive or even new directions. One could also speak of a redistribution of one's own focus here, i.e. one no longer focuses on the negative aspects of one's own existence, but on the expression of all positive aspects.

Concentration and clarity of mind

Concentration and clarity of mindToday, however, we encounter a force that seems to embody the exact opposite. An energy that relates much more to calm, serenity and stillness. However, this standstill does not mean a standstill in one's own life, i.e. a blockage in one's own progress, but means much more that we should rest today and at the same time all the negative influences that otherwise limit our own actions, - even let us suffer if necessary, "freeze" in a certain way. The symbolic expression of today's daily energy therefore also refers to eternal ice (glaciers). Otherwise, these energetic influences are also favored today by a very high natural energy impulse value. In this context, this value also represents the intensity of the current natural energy impulses and has a very supportive effect on our own spirit, on our own actions and deeds - especially if they are of a positive nature and follow the natural principle of prosperity. On the other hand, today's daily energy also stands for concentration and clarity of mind, for our own view of things.

Use today's energy of the day to get a little more peace and quiet. In this context, the energetic influences also favor our own balance and provide a clearer view of things..!! 

For this reason, we can look at life situations from a different perspective and calmly think about our own behavior and life patterns, even if we shouldn't rush anything in this regard. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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