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Today's daily energy on April 23, 2019 is characterized on the one hand by the lingering magical influences of the last days and on the other hand by a tremendous mood of optimism, because now after Easter, a festival that symbolizes the resurrection of the Christ consciousness stands, a phase of implementation, self-realization and living out our true self based on abundance and harmony now begins.

Departure into a new world

In this regard, an extreme self-discovery has taken place in the past few days and weeks and a part of humanity has been able to find its way back to itself - i.e. realize that they have created everything with the help of their own imagination and consequently, as themselves, the highest represent (refer to the following article at this point: The highest level of knowledge). Now and parallel to this, over the Easter weekend, along with self-knowledge, we were able to manifest a very strong love within ourselves (the paradise within ourselves which we can now carry out into the outside world). Of course, not everyone felt this way, but some people still felt the same way. This was very pronounced in my immediate environment and also in my life itself. As mentioned in one of the last daily energy articles, I was able to overcome a huge conflict on my part and consequently make a dream come true. It was the most beautiful thing ever and was accompanied by a very strong inner love. Somehow these Easter days have broken all boundaries. The magic was amazing, even overwhelming, and I can therefore apply the resurrection of Christ consciousness 1:1 to my life.

Life is a paradise, and we are all in paradise, we just don't want to admit it; But if we wanted to believe it, we would be in paradise tomorrow. – Fyodor Dostoyevsky..!!

And now that the holidays are over, we are facing a new big adventure. It's now about transferring our inner love to the outer world, it's about us now (and that's how powerful we are) initiate the golden age itself, that we realize ourselves and begin to liberate the world (At this point, please also refer to my latest video regarding money blockages, embed it in the section below - I can only highly recommend the video to you). As I said, each of you is incredibly powerful and can make the world shine completely. The best conditions now prevail to bring paradise not only within ourselves but also into the outside world. We can change everything now. Therefore, use the incredible potential and create a new world. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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