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Today's daily energy on April 23, 2018 is shaped on the one hand by the moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Leo at 19:08 p.m. yesterday evening, and on the other hand by a single harmonious star constellation. Otherwise there are still Saturn and Pluto retrograde, which means that disharmonious influences will reach us for a few weeks, at least as far as the retrograde planets are concerned.

A good start into the new week

A good start into the new weekNevertheless, today the influences of the “Lion Moon” and also the influences of the harmonious constellation are in the foreground. In this context, a trine (harmonic angular relationship - 07°) between the Moon and Mercury (in the zodiac sign Aries) becomes active at 32:120 a.m., through which we feel a great ability to learn, a good mind and good judgment throughout the day could. This trine could also make our intellectual abilities more pronounced. Otherwise, this constellation also stands for independent and practical thinking, which is why we could act very self-confident, determined and quick-witted, especially in combination with the fulfilled influences of the “Leo Moon”. Today is therefore perfect for working on the manifestation of new projects. We can get some things started and be very successful in terms of work. Ultimately, today could be an optimal start to the new week, especially if we mentally engage with the relevant influences (resonate with them) or if we are already in a positive mood in advance (we attract something into our lives who we are and what we radiate is what corresponds to our current thinking and feelings). Since the Moon/Mercury trine also makes us quite open to everything new, we could achieve quite a lot in this regard.

Due to the Moon in the zodiac sign Leo, in combination with the harmonious Moon/Mercury trine, today could be an extremely successful day..!!

Today it's time to tackle life and lay the foundations for a new, more successful future. We should use the energies to implement “important things” in our lives. Of course, a “Leo Moon” can also make us quite dominant and make us look outward (the sign of self-expression and “theater”). Pleasure and enjoyment are also part of Leo days. But we don't have to get involved in the unfulfilled influences. As always, how we deal with the influences depends on ourselves and the use of our own mental abilities. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Moon Constellations Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2018/April/23

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