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Today's daily energy on September 22nd, 2021 provides us with a special frequency level, because apart from the still very present influences of the harvest full moon, which in turn became manifest last night and, above all, the phase of the last few months, i.e. the energies of summer, will end now started a new phase today through the highly magical equinox. Just like yesterday Daily energy articles for the full moon described, we are currently experiencing an energetically explosive and, above all, world-changing phase on a large scale. The past few days and all their events, be they “natural disasters” (artificially created emergency situations), stock market abnormalities or even countless reports/discussions about upcoming blackouts and other severe circumstances have already shown what kind of phase we are now moving into.

The ASTRONOMIC beginning of autumn


The summer or late summer ended with a heated mood due to yesterday's full harvest moon in the zodiac sign Pisces. Until yesterday the intensity increased enormously, as if out of nowhere (or this increase in intensity began within the last few days and built up completely until yesterday/today). Yesterday's full moon represented the end of an old phase like no other. With the Pisces/Water zodiac sign, the flow was directed in exactly this direction, especially since Pisces always ends the cycle of the zodiac signs. In keeping with this, the moon changed to the zodiac sign Aries at 05:14 a.m. that night. The fact that the astronomical beginning of autumn will take place today or this evening at 21:12 p.m. and will now lead us completely into the energies of autumn could not be more appropriate. Today's autumn equinox, which also begins with the sun's change to the zodiac sign Libra, represents energetically highly magical Firmly. In this way we achieve an overarching balance of forces, the balance between yin/yang, femininity/masculinity, light/shadow, because day and night now have the same length, i.e. the period in which it is light and the period in which it is is dark, are of their own duration. Thanks to this special constellation, everything is completely aligned with harmony and the associated golden mean. Particularly clarifying influences reach us and thus pave the way for the next phase. Thanks to the Libra principle and also the Aries energy that has now begun, everything should now be aimed at creating a permanent state of maximum balance.

A lot will happen in autumn and winter

Today's overall energy quality will show us this more than ever. And in the coming weeks, which will certainly be characterized by strong explosions, extremes and excesses, a lot of old programs (ballast/conflicts) will be discharged within the collective, as well as within our energy system, giving us all more room for balance will create, a circumstance that is generally just like the manifestation of a divine state of consciousness (in combination with a pure heart) is of great importance, because through the Cabal World we have truly allowed ourselves to be torn away from our divinity and, above all, from our inner balance. If we allow peace and balance to return to all of our cells and energy pathways, then we will achieve something completely great, because we will subsequently begin to bring the world back into harmony (like inside, so outside, like outside, so inside - only through one's own balance can the world also achieve balance). Well, for this reason, today carries a very special magic and will trigger some special states in our energy bodies. Therefore, welcome the energies of today's Autumnal Equinox and prepare yourself for a powerful transition. The next few months will be of great importance for all of us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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