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Soo my dears, after being out for the entire last week and completely surrendering to my inner world (like it hasn't been the case for years - 100% withdrawal - more on that later in the article), I now present to you today's daily energy. At this point, today's daily energy brings us extremely special currents, because today, i.e. September 22nd, 2020, is mainly characterized by a special astronomical and, above all, extremely high-energy event. At this point we reach the annual astronomical start of autumn, i.e. we are approaching the autumn equinox (at 15:30 p.m. - the sun moves from the northern hemisphere of the earth to the southern hemisphere - the beginning of autumn north of the equator - the sun moves into the zodiac sign Libra). The equinox is generally a very special event, because due to the associated balance between day and night, i.e. day and night have the same length (Harmony, fusion, unity, perfection), the day stands like no other for compensation, balance and harmony on all levels of existence.


On the other hand, the equinox stands like no other event for the creation of a state of consciousness in which balance and, above all, the feeling of unity prevails. All ideas, beliefs, convictions and resulting actions, which in turn are of a disharmonious/unfulfilled nature, would like to be dissolved, especially on such a day, and can therefore be fully brought to our attention. In exactly the same way, we could also experience moments in which we ourselves are very much in harmony, freed from all self-imposed limitations, which puts us into a state that we ourselves would like to experience permanently (instead of repeatedly finding yourself trapped in opposite states through disharmonious cycles). And along with the current EXTREMELY VIOLENT fundamental frequency, we could sense corresponding states of consciousness within ourselves in a profound way. After all, everything is racing at the moment. Everything has accelerated in an incredible way. This is exactly how all old structures are currently collapsing and to the greatest extent possible.

Frequency change

In keeping with the ever-increasing intensity and, above all, in keeping with the EXTREME acceleration, the planetary resonance frequency has also shown profound anomalies since the first four days of September. Something big is happening right now. A gigantic energetic release/cleansing is taking place. Everything falls into place and becomes clear. Everything is flushed!!!

It is a rapid and unstoppable transformation that the collective and we are all currently experiencing and we are increasingly heading towards a gigantic liberation or we are in the midst of this liberation. And we carry out this liberation within ourselves, which ultimately lays the foundation for experiencing liberation in the external world - both within and without. Change ALWAYS ONLY HAPPENS THROUGH OURSELVES AND ABOVE ALL WITHIN OURSELVES. Well, in keeping with the equinox, I would like another interesting section from the page esistallesda.de quote:

“So as we enter this week, we are passing through the portal of the equinox and the sun is moving into Libra. The energy of the Divine Feminine is very noticeable, transforming from the Virgo Goddess to the Libra Goddess: Ma'at, the Sirian/Egyptian goddess of cosmic balance. The ancient Egyptians greeted friends with the greeting "May there be Ma'at," and they saw Ma'at or cosmic balance in all things, even in every breath we take. And I also wish you all this week that you find “Ma'at” in your daily life. The symbol of Ma'at, the white feather, indicates the "lightness of being" and the high frequencies that will arrive this week, especially between the 21st and 23rd, i.e. the equinox.

At this time, in Earth's spiraling journey through time and space, day and night are equal in length, balancing light and darkness as ONE radiant love. So in our lives the pressure to balance our energies and bring duality into “oneness” will be intense. Another topic – from now until the end of October and into the Scorpion Gate and 11.11. Inside will be the deep healing and activation in our DNA. The human angelic template emerges very strongly and we release deep ancestral pain. This can be perceived as chaos, fear and stress. But as this energy leaves... it is replaced by the deep and fundamental Diamond Light. This is a deep “karmic healing” regarding past and future energies and the healing of our solar system and planet.”

Ultimately, a very special day awaits us today and, above all, an event that not only marks a threshold or the transition to autumn/winter - the darkest but also most reflective season, but also provides us with powerful energy of transformation and change We can therefore welcome this festival. Well, in this context I would also like to point out that I am now back to the beginning of the daily energy articles (The fact that the first article falls exactly on today's equinox wasn't planned, it just happened - but that couldn't be more appropriate.). The entire week before I was completely out. Rarely have I undertaken such an intense personal withdrawal, i.e. I have left almost everything out of it, especially in the last 3 days, apart from a few messages and emails. Nothing was present anymore except my inner world, my inner transformation and my personal self-reflection.

→ Prepare for what is to come. Learn to take care of yourself and use the HEALING POWER of nature. A detailed INSTRUCTIONS for collecting medicinal plants. Maximum closeness to nature!

The days passed incredibly quickly, but were still accompanied by countless unique moments (About “unique moments” there will soon be an exciting insight that I will share with you), i.e. they were highly magical days. In this phase, we also had portal days and an intense new moon, which only intensified my personal withdrawal even more. Basically, these days even served as an initiator for a completely new direction of my own consciousness.

An intense phase

Countless new impulses reached me. The same also applies to circumstances and actions (what I became aware of during this phase), which in turn took the feeling of prevailing acceleration to a new level. I will also send you relevant information about this, packaged in the form of an exciting video that I will publish in the next few days. It's time again. 🙂 With this in mind, forgive me for the absence or the missing daily energy items, but it was an unavoidable phase for me personally (I'm also curious about how you all felt about the last 10 days). One thing is certain, however, September has once again eclipsed all previous months in terms of energy intensity. The journey becomes more and more intense, clearer and brighter. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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    • Katja Benas 22. September 2020, 12: 32

      Thank you for being! I would like to subscribe to the newsletter ❤

    Katja Benas 22. September 2020, 12: 32

    Thank you for being! I would like to subscribe to the newsletter ❤