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Today's daily energy on October 22nd, 2019 is shaped on the one hand by the moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Leo last night at 18:26 p.m. (Self-confidence, joy of life, optimism, generosity and perseverance – If there are conflicts on our part in this regard, for example a lack of self-confidence, then we could be confronted with this in a direct way - the issues come to the fore depending on our own mental circumstances) and on the other side of the still ongoing shift.

The shift continues to occur

In this context, I even assumed for a brief moment that the huge shift that occurred last week was the strongest transformation and expansion of consciousness (collective mental realignment - deepening/sharpening of all our senses, our perception, - more sensitive moods - fundamental self-knowledge) in general, has come to an end for the time being, because we have now reached a short-term phase in which the planetary resonance frequency calmed down or no longer showed any shifts (see the picture below from the Russian Space Observing Center), at least for almost two days, after which, i.e. yesterday afternoon/evening, a shift was displayed again. Well, that shouldn't be surprising in any way, because at least one is still whole strong magic noticeable and whether moments of self-reflection, conversations with other people or even philosophical moments, everything, truly everything is currently accompanied by an incredible intensity or rather by the most important impulses. The magical phase therefore continues to take its course and so does the enormous cleansing process on our part that goes with it. Ultimately, things will continue like this, because the escalation or energetic concentration within this final decade has not yet ended.

Planetary resonance frequency

It feels like we are heading towards golden times at the speed of light and every day all the influences that reach us are strengthened. Incredible progress has been made within the collective awakening process in the past few days, weeks and months, so much so that one could almost speak of reaching a critical mass, simply because an extremely large number of people have become awake and, on the one hand, have separated themselves from the illusory system , on the other hand, from her old self (3D self, - overactivity of one's own egoistic mind - closed mind - defensiveness towards system-critical & spiritual/intellectual issues - judgments, - no connection to nature - closed heart - clinging to the existing system) no longer be deceived or, in other words, disconnected. And as I said, this tremendous progress, combined with the constantly increasing energies, will trigger an explosion by the end of the year. After all, it is the concentrated/final energies of the most important decade of all to date, a decade in which an extremely large number of people were able to gain an insight behind the scenes of (their) illusionary life and it is precisely this vibe that will now initiate a new transition, a transition into the golden decade (the achievement of critical mass towards the end/beginning of the year). Friends, it remains “highly exciting” and every day is incredibly important. Every day allows us to feel this tremendous progress, which is why we can be extremely grateful. We are experiencing the most significant change. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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