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Today's daily energy on October 22nd is still subject to the influences of a 10-day portal day series and therefore still confronts us with a very high cosmic radiation. As far as that is concerned, to my astonishment the value is again significantly higher than the enormous value of yesterday and thus the current vibration environment is experiencing a new peak value. Because of this massive As the vibration increases, we humans can now expect different things.

There is no end to the increasing vibrations

There is no end to the increasing vibrationsOn the one hand, this very high vibration can mean that we are extremely energetic, that we feel an enormous urge for action, are happy and also have an overall feeling of lightness. On the other hand, this high vibration can also tire us extremely; it can make us feel sluggish overall, exhausted, and possibly even slightly depressed and confronted with our own shadow parts. These high vibrational increases often expose our own shadow parts - i.e. negative thoughts, mental blockages, karmic entanglements, negative behaviors, sustainable habits and other negative mental patterns - and challenge us to come to terms with these discrepancies in order to be able to Consequence of being able to create a free and carefree life (a life that inspires rather than impairs the collective state of consciousness - all our thoughts/emotions flow into the collective mind). In this context, a lot of people suffer from their own self-created problems, legitimize grief and fears in their own minds and, for example, cannot come to terms with certain past conflicts (the past and future are exclusively mental constructs, the present is much more what is always present is). Ultimately, you just get in your own way and miss the chance to fully realize yourself. For this reason, letting go is a key word here.

Letting go is usually about letting a person or even a situation be, unconditionally accepting your current circumstances and seeing the past as a necessary lesson for the maturation of your own mental state..!!

If we cannot come to terms with certain past conflicts, if we suffer from certain circumstances but have not yet dared to leave the corresponding circumstances, then it is simply imperative that we finally free ourselves from these sustainable life situations and move forward let go of everything. In fact, letting go is something that is extremely important in one's life. As humans, we always mentally find ourselves in life situations, dependencies, former relationships and other conflicts that need to be overcome by letting go.

Use the current massive vibrational increases and free yourself from your own self-created blockages, create a life again that is characterized by freedom and harmony..!!

Well, due to today's massive energetic increase, if we feel overwhelmed or are even still struggling with certain sustainable life situations, we should definitely deal with our own mental conflicts again and should initiate important changes in this regard, or even these To completely let go of self-imposed conflicts, we should accept our own circumstances. Otherwise we will always be subject to our own self-imposed limitations and create a life - a reality that only stands in the way of our complete mental and spiritual development. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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