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With today's daily energy on November 22, 2023, the sun changes from the zodiac sign Scorpio to the zodiac sign Sagittarius. So today the big monthly solar change reaches us and we are now entering a much more relaxed phase. After all, a Scorpio phase can often be very energetic, emotional and stormy, because the Scorpio sign likes to sting with its sting and wants to bring emotional stress and conflicts to the surface. However, with the zodiac sign Sagittarius in the sun, we now have a much more optimistic constellation.

The Sun in Sagittarius

daily energyThe sun itself, which in turn represents our essence or our true character, will now give us an energy quality in Sagittarius that not only strongly appeals to our inner fire (an upswing would like to appear), but we can also experience an insightful circumstance. So the Sagittarius energy always goes hand in hand with strong self-knowledge and the search for oneself or rather self and meaning-finding processes. For this reason, we feel that a double quality has an effect on us: on the one hand, the Sagittarius energy is a force in the foreground that allows us to move forward strongly and feel a strong urge for action within us. On the other hand, the sun in the zodiac sign Sagittarius can allow us to reorient ourselves internally. We reflect on our current existence and dive deep into our inner world. After all, the phase up to the coming winter solstice in December also marks a phase of withdrawal and deep contemplation. The days continue to get shorter and we are increasingly finding our way back to ourselves.

A new quality of time

With the coming of the first month of winter, a new quality of time begins every year in which we can see the meaning behind many of the circumstances in our lives. Otherwise, this constellation also promotes optimistic and happiness-oriented states. After all, Sagittarius' ruling planet is Jupiter. Jupiter stands for luck, expansion, abundance, success and knowledge. Well then, let us welcome today's change of signs and prepare ourselves for the coming winter with this joyful energy. The quietest time of the year is about to begin. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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