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With today's daily energy on November 22, 2022, the influences of the moon reach us, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Scorpio at 18:14 p.m. yesterday evening, which means that a correspondingly strong energy has an effect on our emotional life can (Scorpio in the moon = strong feelings, what is hidden wants to be made visible) and on the other hand the influences of the sun still have an effect on us, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Sagittarius at 09:11 a.m. and will accordingly bring a new quality with it.

Protect energy

daily energyIn this context, the time of Sagittarius has now begun (At this point I would like to congratulate all Sagittarians in advance), i.e. the energy of the fire sign will now show a strong presence. The sun itself, which in turn stands for our essence or our true character, will give us an energy due to Sagittarius that not only appeals to our inner fire (a strong recovery can be present in us), but we can also experience an insightful circumstance. The Sagittarius energy always goes hand in hand with strong self-knowledge and the search for oneself, or rather self-discovery processes. For this reason, we feel that a double quality is affecting us. On the one hand, a force is in the foreground, through which we can move forward and perceive a pronounced zest for action in us. On the other hand, the sun in the zodiac sign Sagittarius can give us a new orientation. We reflect on our current being and dive deep into our inner world. After all, the phase up to the coming winter solstice in December always marks a phase of retreat and deep contemplation. The days keep getting shorter and we increasingly find our way back to ourselves.

Venus switched to Sagittarius

Venus switched to SagittariusWell then, since I haven't published a daily energy article since November 11 (was on a smaller trip myself), I would also like to take up other cosmic positions or events that have taken place in the last few days. On the one hand, the direct Venus changed to the zodiac sign Sagittarius on November 16th, which means that we are looking for something higher within interpersonal relationships, partnerships or even in the relationship with ourselves. We strive for fulfillment and do not want to experience a standstill in this regard, but much more growth and prosperity. The general forward energy of the Sagittarius zodiac sign will therefore also affect us in all relationships and, if necessary, bring about changes.

Mercury switched to Sagittarius

Exactly one day later, i.e. on November 17th, the direct Mercury changed to Sagittarius. The planet of communication favors deep and cosmopolitan conversations in fiery Sagittarius. We are very open in terms of communication and can discuss important and above all useful plans for the future or even initiate them. This combination also has an effect on us on a global level and can ensure that major changes to come are discussed and finalized. After all, if you look at the global and, above all, collective field, it is very clear that great changes are underway and that humanity is being prepared for a new age. It is the end of the system and the termination of the old matrix, along with the installation of a new field. In this regard, we will now experience a certain acceleration again. The end of the old world is getting closer and closer in this context.

Coming full moon

Well then, otherwise in a few days, to be precise on the night of November 24th, a special new moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius will reach us. His energy will bring us into a strong confrontation with ourselves and also allow us to completely reorient ourselves internally. We will have deep self-knowledge, reflections and possibilities that can allow us to make great progress in the coming time. A very strong fire and inner reorganization energy is ahead of us. However, I will share more details with you in the upcoming New Moon article. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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