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Today's daily energy on November 22, 2017 stands for the abundance in life, which we humans can only attract into our lives if we change our own spiritual orientation. A state of consciousness that is oriented towards abundance and harmony will also attract this into one's life, and a state of consciousness that is oriented toward lack and disharmony will in turn attract these two destructive states draw into your own life. The happiness of our lives always depends on the nature of our thoughts or the orientation of our own mind.

Attract abundance instead of lack into your life

Attract abundance instead of lack into your lifeBecause of the law of resonance, which states that like always attracts like, i.e. our consciousness attracts states that in turn vibrate at the same frequency as our own consciousness, we can therefore decide for ourselves what we attract into our lives, or rather what we do with resonate again. Our own mind acts like a strong magnet that, firstly, resonates with everything, i.e. interacts with life itself and secondly, it can permanently change its own frequency state, and even does this permanently (we never feel the same for a second - minimal Changes/mental expansions, no two seconds are the same). What we as humans experience or even attract into our lives always depends on ourselves and our own spiritual orientation. We are responsible for our own lives and our own fate. For this reason, we should also begin to clear/dissolve our own mental blockages, because ultimately our self-created problems and attitudes usually prevent us from accepting ourselves and aligning our own minds towards harmony and abundance.

By dissolving our own mental blockages, which usually leads to increased self-acceptance and a more positively oriented mind overall, it becomes possible for us to attract more harmony and abundance into our own lives..!!

In this context, today would even be suitable for this, because today our own root chakra is strengthened on a physical level, which is why we could have a stronger will to live, greater assertiveness, basic trust and a drive for change.

Quite harmonious star constellations

Harmonious star constellationsOtherwise, today's daily energy is also accompanied by the sun in the zodiac sign Sagittarius, which could make us think in a certain way. In this way, the question of the meaning of life, or rather our meaning, could come to the fore again. In exactly the same way, questions about higher education, law, philosophy and religion could come to life again in us. On the other hand, our urge to explore is also activated, as is our deep willingness to believe and our high ideals. In the morning, two harmonious connections again affected us: once in the morning (2:3 and 56:6) a sextile between the Moon and Jupiter, which made us extremely positive and optimistic, and once at 56:07 a sextile between the Moon and Neptune, which could give us an impressive mind, a strong imagination and a good gift of empathy (Sextile - Harmonious Angle Relationship - 32 degrees). Towards the evening, i.e. around 60:19 p.m., we reach another rather negative constellation between the Moon and Pluto. This conjunction can make us depressed in a certain way, can trigger a lower level of self-indulgence, self-indulgence and, above all, violent emotional outbursts.

Due to today's almost consistently positive star constellations and the energetic strengthening of our root chakra, we should use the day to reorient our own minds more positively..!! 

Nevertheless, late in the evening, or rather at the beginning of the night (23:40 p.m.), a sextile between the Moon and Venus reaches us again, which also represents a very good connection in terms of love and marriage. Our feelings of love will be strong and we could then be very adaptable and accommodating. We would then be very open to the family and would definitely avoid arguments and other arguments. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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