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daily energy

Today's daily energy on May 22, 2022 brings us a completely new energy quality, because yesterday, to be precise, early yesterday morning at 03:20 a.m. the sun moved out of Taurus (Earth element) in the zodiac sign Gemini. In this regard, the energy of the Gemini zodiac sign is now in the foreground and/or becomes its topics illuminated intensified by the sun. In exactly the same way, topics that are associated with the element of air are now in the foreground, because the zodiac sign Gemini goes hand in hand with the element of air. A phase is now beginning in which we can raise our dual parts united into the air.

Gemini energies

daily energyIn this regard, the Gemini star sign stands like no other star sign for our two duals or for our different inner parts and faces (the law of polarity). All of our opposing aspects are addressed. Whether light or dark aspects, feminine and masculine, receiving and fulfilling (taking/giving) States or even other opposing parts within ourselves. As far as this is concerned, we should let our inner parts rise into the air or wrap them in lightness. Instead of choosing one extreme and pursuing the overactivity of one part, we try to revive an inner balance in which all dualitarian patterns are united. In this context there is also no separation within our minds. All opposing parts exist within ourselves and, in their entirety, form the entire coin, in this example our entire field or ourselves. It is like the entire existence or the two largest duals that can be experienced. We often see the outer world and our inner world as separate, but both worlds form the whole, i.e. perfection, because the inner and outer mark our world. Through the Gemini star sign, dual states are now increasingly addressed, whereby it is important to revive a state of harmony and, above all, balance, 1:1, as in this article is described.

Aquarius and Pisces Moon

daily energyOn the other hand, the Gemini star sign also increases our thirst for knowledge and, above all, the urge to express or communicate ourselves. Hardly any other zodiac sign is associated with such a strong urge to explore new information or new conditions within ourselves. Well, in the next 30 days our different facets and sides will be in the foreground. The same is true with our dualistic aspects. The most important thing here will be to learn that we do not permanently follow one of our extremes, but that we remain in our own center and enter into a state of balance, regardless of what hits us outside. It is the fine art of life to be permanently anchored in inner peace and balance. The current days are then accompanied by the zodiac sign Pisces. As far as this is concerned, the moon will still be in the zodiac sign Aquarius until this early evening at 17:55 p.m. (freedom and independence). From then on, the energy of the zodiac sign Pisces will accompany us for the next two to three days. Energies that generally make us very sensitive, dreamy, sensitive, artistic and empathetic will have an effect on us. Only after this phase does the zodiac rhythm begin again. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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