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Today's daily energy on June 22, 2019 is shaped by the lingering influences of yesterday's summer solstice, meaning a very special day that came with one, and I tell you, ultimate energy. In this context, at least that is how I feel, there was a truly incredible magic that day (the "vibe" was strong) and was accompanied by so much fullness or states of fullness that I have rarely experienced.

The aftermath of the powerful portal

The aftermath of the powerful portalAfter all, the summer solstice has been described as a highly powerful portal, which in turn marked a very important point in time and, along with it, also initiated a new phase in the process of spiritual awakening (Beginning of summer = maximum abundance). We are now inevitably heading towards very blatant states of fullness and even if you can still go through critical emotional states at the moment, even if we are still confronted with some shadow issues and are doing a lot of transformation work in this regard (after all, the current cleaning is extreme), we are catapulted into 5D or into extremely strong states of fullness with tremendous force, so strong that very many people can hardly escape it. New structures are being completely installed and the old network or the old paradigms/structures are dissolving more and more day by day. Our collective energy, increasing daily, is therefore now taking us into a whole new plane of existence and consequently transforming, emerging, metamorphosing, from caterpillar to beautiful butterfly.

Everything is connected and has a meaning. Although this meaning is mostly hidden, we know that when our actions are imbued with the energy of enthusiasm, we are close to our true mission on earth. (The Zahir) – Paulo Coelho..!!

Ultimately, we can still be the best version of ourselves (based on abundance) come to life. To be honest, the current days serve, due to this unique energy quality (which has currently reached a climax - Corpus Christi = permanent manifestation of Christ consciousness - summer solstice - longest day of the year - sun - light is present the longest - deep meaning) more than ever of our personal unveiling. So let's blast all of our self-imposed limitations/boundaries, finally let's shed all of our inner blocks and finally step into our state of abundance. The time of suffering or the time of shadow should now end. We are capable of this, from the shadow into the light - NOW!!!!! With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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