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Today's daily energy on July 22, 2018 is characterized on the one hand by a change of the moon, i.e. the moon changes to the zodiac sign Sagittarius at 12:12 p.m., which means that a 2-3 day phase begins in which communication, temperament and, above all, a certain level of further training , especially related to higher things in life, can be in the foreground. On the other hand, reach us today also the influences of another portal day, to be precise the eleventh portal day of this month.

The eleventh portal day this month

The eleventh portal day this monthWe also have other portal days coming up this month, to be precise once on July 25th and once on July 30th. Since a total lunar eclipse will reach us on July 27th, we still have a few exciting and, above all, energetically strong days ahead of us. How these days will affect our own mind/body/spirit system remains to be seen, but one thing is certain and that is that the current transformation and cleansing processes will intensify. Due to the portal day circumstance, today could also have a pretty strong impact on us, or rather, it could benefit our own mental and spiritual development. Since the weather is currently quite warm in our “lands” and the sun is shining in many areas, we could make the most of the day to retreat and relax a little. In this context, I have often mentioned how important the influences of the sun are and, above all, what healing potential this energy source has, which is why we should definitely take advantage of this fact. I will also indulge in this and gain a little strength in the process. The last few days in particular have been, at least according to my personal feeling, quite strenuous and energy-sapping, which is why no new daily energy article was published yesterday (I somehow didn't have the strength to write the article and since I didn't force anything or out of compulsion). I wanted to make it out, I left out the article). Ultimately, I have to admit that I haven't had the greatest drive in general in the last few days, but that happens sometimes. It also started with the creation of my latest video, which I recorded on two different days because I was completely exhausted after a “camera crash” and a subsequent spontaneous training session and simply couldn't muster up the energy to continue the video that evening (also link the video in the section below).

Our appointment with life is in the present moment. And the meeting point is right where we are right now. – Buddha..!!

Well, in any case, after weeks of being full of energy, there has now been a short period of rest, which I will enjoy yesterday and today. If you feel corresponding sensations within yourself and your body signals to you that it needs rest, then you should generally not ignore this, but rather listen to your own body. Well, to come back to today's influences, apart from the portal day circumstance and also the change of the moon, we also have different star constellations. In this context, for example, a trine between the Sun and Moon takes effect at 11:17 a.m., which can promote happiness in general, success in life, health well-being and a more pronounced vitality.

Grief brings depth. Joy brings height. Grief brings roots. Joy brings branches. Joy is like a tree stretching towards the sky and sadness is like the roots growing into the core of the earth. Both are needed - the higher a tree grows, the deeper it roots itself in the earth. This is how the balance is maintained. – Osho..!!

Three minutes later, at 11:20 a.m. to be precise, a sextile between Venus and Jupiter takes effect again (which lasts for two days), which could put us in a friendly, warm, graceful, idealistic and lovable mood. In exactly the same way, this sextile also represents a favorable constellation for love and marriage. The next constellation only takes effect in the evening, at 22:36 p.m. a sextile between the Moon and Mars, which overall means good mental abilities and great willpower , courage and active action. Last but not least, the sun changes to the zodiac sign Leo (previously it was Cancer) at 23 p.m., which means that a thirty-day “Leo period” begins. At this point I would like to quote a short section from the giesow.de website:

The peak of summer is about following our hearts and giving space to our creativity. Instead of duty and discipline, it is now also about fun, joy, exuberance and free self-expression. Nowadays, duties, deadlines and constraints have increased to such an extent that heart, love and joy often fall by the wayside (“there is always so much to do”). During this time we should strengthen this other side within us, but also live it externally.

Well, it should be said that today the influences of the portal day will definitely predominate, which is why we can have a pretty energetic day ahead of us. But how we deal with it and whether we benefit from it depends, as always, entirely on ourselves and the use of our own mental abilities. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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Moon Constellations Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2018/Juli/22

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