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Today's daytime energy continues to be of greater intensity, preparing us for the upcoming New Moon tomorrow. As far as that is concerned, the 23th new moon will reach us on July 7rd this year and thus give us an energetic daily event again, which in turn can be very beneficial for our own mental + spiritual development. Overall, new moons also stand for building something new, for realizing one's own thoughts, for creating new life situations and the power to dissolve your own sustainable behaviors/conditioning/programs.

The disclosure of our own being

The disclosure of our own beingThe restructuring or rather the reprogramming of our own subconscious therefore works particularly well on new moon days. In exactly the same way, new moons are also very beneficial for our own sleep rhythm. Swiss scientists found out that people have a significantly better sleep rhythm, especially on the new moon, fall asleep faster overall and are also much more relaxed afterwards. On full moon days, on the other hand, the exact opposite took place and people then tended to have sleep disorders much more quickly. Well then, to come back to today's daily energy, apart from the preparation for the new moon, today it is also about our own emotional world, about the disclosure of our own being and above all about standing by our own emotions. People who also suppress their own feelings in this context, who do not stand by their emotions, subsequently also suppress their own psychological aspects. If this then takes place over a period of time, all of our repressed feelings and thoughts become anchored, again in our own subconscious. In the long run, this creates a creeping overload of our own mind, since our subconscious transports these unresolved feelings again and again into our own day-consciousness. As a result, we are repeatedly confronted with these problems and can only undo our self-created overload by recognizing + letting go of these problems again. In general, letting go is also a key word here. Our lives are constantly marked by changes and letting go of our own problems + other sustainable thought patterns always has top priority when it comes to our own positive thriving. Only when we manage to put an end to past life situations in this context and let go at the same time, do we also draw the positive things back into our lives, aspects that are also intended for us.

Only when we change the orientation of our own mind again and open ourselves to the new, the unknown, when we legitimize changes in our own mind again, will we then also draw the positive things into our own lives for which we are ultimately destined ..!!

Otherwise, we also prevent ourselves from creating a positively aligned state of consciousness and largely provide space for negative life situations to flourish. For this reason, the motto of today is: Stand by your feelings, let your emotions run free and start becoming free by letting go of your own problems. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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