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Today's daily energy on January 22nd, 2020 continues to be characterized by strong energies and therefore makes us walk our way to a liberated world even more resolutely. The strong prevailing and above all overarching energies awaken in us the urge to to break out of our own self-created lethargy and disharmony, whereby we begin to use our creative power for our self-realization.

Use our creative power

Use our creative powerAfter all, a liberated world outside can only become manifest when we become free inside, because only then will we be able to transfer this feeling to the outside world - as a product of our inner world. Freedom is created and experienced in our own minds, just like it is with love, abundance and peace, everything ALWAYS begins first in OURSELVES. All external circumstances that can be experienced are a direct result of our inner world, i.e. ours spiritual orientation or rather they are a result of the worlds/dimensions that we visit and live through every day. Dimensions refer to states of consciousness that we in turn accept, explore and live out. For this reason, it is also imperative that we travel dimensions or maintain states of consciousness, which in turn are of a more high-frequency nature and go hand in hand with a strong self-image. This makes our own self-realization more feasible and we ourselves are more anchored in the NOW. And ultimately, here lies the key to breaking all of our self-imposed limits. Apart from becoming aware that we ourselves represent the maximum, as creators ourselves, it is imperative that we let go of all blocking ideas over time. Instead of persisting in disharmonious ideas about past or even future scenarios, instead of blaming ourselves or exposing ourselves to excessive self-criticism - through which we often allow ourselves to be paralyzed and consequently stand in the way of the realization of our true self It is important that we consciously stay in the present and, as a result, actively work on the transformation of our own inner world, because only when we change ourselves internally, only then do we change the external world and create circumstances on the outside that are based on this internal one based on transformation.

Due to the golden decade, which has given us incredibly powerful energy since January 01st and is accompanied by energy increases that are hard to grasp, we are experiencing an acceleration within our own existence, i.e. everything feels like it is going by much faster. Be it days, weeks, months or individual hours, everything comes and goes incredibly quickly, a circumstance that we can therefore take advantage of immensely. The accelerated quality of time ensures that the effects of our own actions occur much more quickly. Ultimately, this is the best time to put your own projects into action now, because we will experience the corresponding results much more quickly..!! 

And the current overarching energies are driving us more and more towards our own self-realization. A corresponding self-realization can also happen in no time, because we are in a phase in which the entire quality of time is accelerated, i.e. when we pursue disharmonious ideas, when we commit actions through which we know that we are burdening ourselves , then we experience the associated stress all the more quickly. Conversely, we are rewarded much more quickly for experiencing harmonious ideas. If you now give yourself over to circumstances that you know will require a lot of self-overcoming, but will give you a good feeling about life afterwards, then be sure that you will notice the corresponding effects MUCH faster. Therefore, use today's daily energy and begin to create a reality for yourself, which in turn is accompanied by self-overcoming and harmony. You will reap the rewards faster than ever before. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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