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With today's daily energy on February 22nd, 2022, we experience the energetic peak of this month, because on February 22.02.2022nd, XNUMX the vibration quality of a gigantic gate will reach us. So today is also called mirror day or palindrome day, because the special date is reflected, i.e. it reads exactly the same from the back and front (the result is always the same numerological number sequence). Such a date is extremely rare and only occurs a few times within a century and millennium. On the other hand, the special power of a strong sequence of numbers also flows in here, which in turn illustrates the power of today's portal.

The GIANT 2•2•2•2•2•2 PORTAL

The GIANT 2•2•2•2•2•2 PORTALSo today's date carries six twos, i.e. the number of duality, polarity, twin souls and above all the number that therefore carries light and shadow, masculinity and femininity, inner and outer and thereby draws attention to their common wholeness want to do (All things have the female behind and the male in front of them. When the masculine and feminine unite, all things attain harmony). When we unite dualitarian patterns ourselves, in which we recognize all aspects within our own mind, when we become aware that we are neither separate from the outside world nor from any other form of energy (whether male or female), but ours our own reality is connected to everything and captures everything, then a great merging takes place within our spirit, i.e. we become one with everything again and feel the wholeness or the big picture in ourselves and in the world. In the current age of awakening it is generally also about the return to our highest/sacred self and within a sacred/healed self-image there is a feeling of maximum wholeness and merging. Within this time we are being prepared more and more for this corresponding state or, better said, we should use this state for the benefit of our being (and the world – because, inside = outside) bring back to life (to master our being).

The GIANT 2•2•2•2•2•2 PORTAL

The GIANT 2•2•2•2•2•2 PORTALToday, therefore, can pull us very strongly into such a state. As I said, we all step through today gigantic and above all energetically groundbreaking goal, which supplies our entire energy system with completely new light impulses and codes. It will truly be a highly valuable flood of light frequencies that will trigger even more deep attachments and heaviness blocks within our system (the beginning of a strong release - to create an inner space in which more lightness can move in afterwards). And since, as I said, the special energy of six twos reaches us, today is still absolutely characterized by complete harmony. Because the number six, which also occurs everywhere in nature, especially visible in beautiful ones hexagonal structures, stands for harmony, balance and happiness. Accordingly, by the union of all our inner separate parts (in which we see ourselves as separate) dive back into a state that nature always shows us, namely the state of euphony, balance and pure harmony. So let us welcome today's valuable mirror day and pay attention to the signs that will accompany us in today's hours, signs that show us the sound of our souls or show us where our journey should actually go. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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