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Today's daily energy on February 22nd, 2020 will be shaped on the one hand by the powerful influences of the 2-2-2-2-2 portal and on the other hand by the preliminary influences of tomorrow's new moon in the zodiac sign Pisces (At 16:36 p.m. the moon reaches its “new moon” form), which is why a very special rinsing and, above all, transforming synergy of energies reaches us.

2-2-2-2-2 Portal

2-2-2-2-2 PortalThe energies are extremely intense and mark a high point of the golden decade so far, yes, in terms of energy it is actually one of the most intense days ever and can be filled with incredible changes, spiritual realignments, self-knowledge, impulses and deep insights into one's own self soul life, go hand in hand. In keeping with the stormy weather conditions outside, which, as already mentioned many times, has not yet subsided, things are also stormy inside us and incredible changes can become manifest. We are in the most potent transition phase and today is accompanied by an incredible shift. The number combination of today's date alone is incredibly powerful and when added together it stands for one (10 = 1+0 =1 || 1 to 9 are the only numbers that exist), speak for unity. The two in turn stands for duality, for shadow and light, for femininity and masculinity - dualitarian aspects that together always form the whole.

It's about unity

Ultimately, it is about the unity or unification of the duality we maintain every day, about the interaction and fusion of our inner and outer universe. In this context, one should never forget that duality is most noticeable within our own perception, in which we see our inner world and, with it, our external perceptible world as separate. But at the end of the day, this is not the case, because the external world is just a direct mirror of our internal world. It is a spiritual projection of ourselves on the outside, created and made manifest by oneself. As a creator, one has created one's own inner world, as well as the external world that arises from it and vice versa, and no one else has designed this entire world, except yourself, because everything only takes place within you and everything that you imagine yourself, for example the thought of how it is the case with other people/creators, also ONLY takes place in your own mind, like yourself The entire existence always ONLY takes place within oneself.

Fusion of dualistic aspects

The dual, or rather the supposed separation, the outer and inner world, all of this only represents a temporary phenomenon, i.e. in which we ourselves see our world as separate. But everything is one and one is everything. There is only one thing and that is God, i.e. oneself, who in turn constantly projects and reflects himself in everything that exists (You can find more detailed information about this in my Knowledge level video part 3). Ultimately, this topic will be extremely present today. It's about the fusion of darkness and light, it's about the manifestation of an inner balance, a balanced state or, more precisely, it's about the unification of all worlds within our own mind. We are connected to everything and we should never ignore that. All worlds and dimensions merely represent states of consciousness, information and ideas, which we in turn visit or into which we empathize - which we live through with our mind/into which we expand our mind - which is possible because, as I said, with are connected to everything because we ourselves represent the unity. Well, ultimately it will be a very exciting day. Finally, I can also point out the diagram from the Russian Space Observing Center (see below picture), because yesterday there was another black shift (Timeline jump/shift) recorded, which is very fitting for today's event.

Black Shift

For five hours, important decisions were made and our inner ascent was massively accelerated. We can be curious to see what effect today's energies will have. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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