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Today's daily energy on February 22, 2018 could still make us social and responsible for keeping us focused on our home and also our family. The focus could be on security, sociability, enjoyment, but also sticking to habits and boundaries. Ultimately, these aspects are still triggered by the Moon in the zodiac sign Taurus, which has been effective for a few days and has been giving us corresponding energetic influences ever since. This will only change again tonight, because then the moon changes to the zodiac sign Gemini.

I was incapacitated

daily energyAs for me personally, I also felt the effects of the Taurus Moon, at least as far as the pleasure aspect is concerned (indulgence - tendency to gluttony), because especially in the last three or four days I really let myself go and feasted a lot , which didn't benefit me either. In this context, I have been with my girlfriend for a week now (she lives further away) and actually had the intention of becoming active again in terms of sports and nutrition (detoxification was my goal). However, things turned out differently, but that wasn't a bad thing, because after all, the time spent together is the priority. Nevertheless, at least in the last few days, it has really gotten out of hand and yesterday morning I woke up with incredibly strong stomach pains. My stomach was upset and I felt more miserable than I had felt in years.

Due to a continuous increase in frequency (change especially since 2012), more and more people are developing a certain intolerance towards energetically dense/unnatural foods, parallel to their more pronounced sensitivity..!! 

Even today I'm still feeling the after-effects of yesterday's gastrointestinal overload (infection?! - There's certainly something going on here too increasing intolerance included) and I'm not very up to speed yet, which is why the daily energy article was published so late.

Today's star constellations

Today's star constellationsWell, every illness or even a short-term physical inconsistency can be traced back to inner conflicts. Illnesses are first born in the mind (yes, even the corresponding foods that you eat are consumed based on your own thoughts about the food - your own diet and your own lifestyle are therefore a product of your own mind) and my overload was certainly on the one hand attributed to the temporary counterproductive diet and my inner conflict, because inside it really bothered me that I let myself go like that. Well, even though the moon is still in the zodiac sign Taurus and enjoyment is the priority, I will be taking a step back in this regard and instead preferring a natural diet, which will not only strengthen my body, but also my mind . Otherwise, two more star constellations reach us or both have already taken effect, firstly at 08:30 a.m. a trine between the Moon and Pluto (in the zodiac sign Capricorn), which could temporarily make us sentimental and emotional. We could also have allowed ourselves to be carried away into extreme actions by this constellation.

Today's daily energy is still shaped by the moon in the zodiac sign Taurus, which is why sociability and family, but also differentiation, enjoyment and sustainable habits are in the foreground..!!

At 12:45 p.m. we also encountered an opposition between the moon and Jupiter (in the zodiac sign Scorpio), which could have made us prone to extravagance and wastefulness. On the other hand, this disharmonious constellation could cause conflicts within a relationship. Ultimately, these are the only two constellations that reach us today, which is why, at least from an astrological point of view, the influences of the moon in the zodiac sign Taurus reach us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Star Constellations Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2018/Februar/22

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