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Today's daily energy on December 22, 2019 is accompanied by the magical influences of the astronomical beginning of winter, i.e. by the energies of the winter solstice (21st/22nd December). For that matter, it marks the winter solstice the darkest day of the year, with approximately 8 hours between sunrise and sunset (i.ehe longest night and the shortest day of the year – encroaching darkness). For this reason, the winter solstice represents a point in time from which the days slowly become brighter again and we therefore experience more daylight (Heading towards the light – a special starting point for the transition into the golden decade).

The rebirth of light

The rebirth of lightIn this context, this day was celebrated extensively in various ancient cultures and the winter solstice was viewed as a turning point on which the light is reborn (the return of the light). The pagan Germanic peoples, for example, celebrated the Yule festival starting on the day of the winter solstice as a solar birth festival that lasted 12 nights and stood for life that slowly but surely returns. The Celts, in turn, fasted on December 24th due to the belief that the cosmic power of the sun returns 2 days after the winter solstice and therefore viewed the winter solstice not only as an astronomical event, but as a point at which a change in life begins. Ultimately, today represents the beginning of the return of light and an associated dawning time in which inner peace and harmony slowly but surely experience a stronger manifestation. For this reason, today, as well as the days to come, are suitable for reconciliation and serve to resolve inner conflicts, simply because the increasingly emerging light floods our entire system and consequently brings with it a strong transformation effect. Of course, this effect is generally very strong at the moment, because the transition into the golden decade and, above all, the incredible progress that comes with it in the overarching process of spiritual awakening, allows us to find ourselves and our highest divine spirit very strongly, but still marked The winter solstice is an energetically important turning point, which in turn brings with it a lot of clarification/cleansing and exposes us very strongly to the light in the following days, especially the two to three days afterwards (our Licht) allows (Purification of our system, clearing of our own burdens/unfinished tasks, activities and consequently the anchoring of beliefs and feelings through which our minds are significantly strengthened and we consolidate our highest image of ourselves). At this point I also quote sections from the page taste-of-power.de, which describe the energies of the winter solstice:

“The birth of the sun represents the new beginning of all life. The cycle of the year begins again. The light triumphs over the darkness. On the night of the winter solstice, the witches say goodbye to everything that remains hidden in the dark and welcome the light. This transformation is ideal for a special witch ritual for the winter solstice. The time of rough nights begins with the winter solstice. In the first rough night we return to the origin of ourselves, we find our own source. We can draw on this in the rough nights to come.

With the birth of the sun, the banishment of darkness begins. The nights are getting shorter again and everything that seemed dead comes to new life. The winter solstice is the golden exit from the dark season that began at Mabon. At the solstice, sun, death and fertility rites intertwine. Symbolic actions support and activate the power of people and nature. On the night of the winter solstice, the promise of rebirth of all life is fulfilled.”

Well, the winter solstice is therefore a powerful event and is accompanied by the beginning of the activation and unleashing of our inner light. In relation to the current time, the winter solstice therefore represents the beginning manifestation of our inner light, which in turn will result directly from our highest divine spirit. First, we recognized ourselves, especially towards the end of the year, for what we are, namely as the one creator of all things, as the original source, which in turn you only represent yourself (everything on the outside is yourself, - everything is one//you and one//you yourself, is everything). This is followed by the resulting manifestation of our highest light and the termination of all old structures through which we repeatedly prevent ourselves from allowing this light to become manifest. The winter solstice in the last month of this decade therefore shows us the way towards light and is accompanied by structures that are of utmost importance for the transition into the golden decade. So let us celebrate today and embrace the energies of the winter solstice. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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