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Full moon

Today's daily energy on December 22, 2018 will certainly be very special in terms of quality, because today is, on the one hand, a portal day and, on the other hand, a full moon reaches us in the zodiac sign Cancer. At the beginning the moon is still in the zodiac sign Gemini, whereby a correspondingly more pronounced communication can be in the foreground. The moon then changes to the zodiac sign Cancer at 17:28 p.m.

Strong energetic movements

Portal day & full moon influencesUltimately, due to this very special combination, today will bring us an extraordinary quality of energy that will definitely flush through our own mind/body/spirit system. In this context, yesterday evening, over a period of hours, stronger influences regarding the planetary resonance frequency reached us (see picture below, Whichsosrff.tsu.ru/?page_id=7), i.e. it was already pretty “hot” the evening before, at least from an energetic point of view. Well, for this reason one can also strongly assume that correspondingly strong influences will reach us today. In this regard, the full moons of the past few months have given us extremely strong energies, some of which have been accompanied by groundbreaking and consciousness-changing impulses. It felt like a new high point was reached from month to month and the full moons marked days on which we were able to experience very special circumstances. And apart from that, full moons (like new moons) are generally associated with a very special energy quality. Influences planetary resonance frequencyThe zodiac sign Cancer in turn stands for withdrawal, calm, inner life, imagination, empathy and overall for a more pronounced sensitivity, which is why we can experience corresponding aspects in parallel to the strong basic quality (due to the portal day).

Portal day & full moon influences

Portal day & full moon influences Of course, contrary experiences are also possible, especially due to the strong portal influences that often accompany the examination of our own state of being and thereby transport inner conflicts into our daily consciousness for resolution. Ultimately, however, it should be noted that all states of consciousness can be experienced, even if it depends on each person to what extent they experience/use the magic. Viewed on a collective level, this powerful combination will certainly also bring about strong changes and give many people insights into their own original reason, as is always the case on correspondingly high-frequency days. Deep conversations, special connections, strong expansions of consciousness, intense dreams and complete mental realignments can also be experienced. The situation is similar with a change in our states of consciousness. In the past few weeks/months I have often spoken about how I sometimes immersed myself in a completely different state of consciousness from one moment to the next. In some cases I was able to experience a complete “freedom of worry” within a few seconds, but on the other hand I was able to immerse myself in states of consciousness in which completely new information was present. It would therefore not surprise me at all if today, within just a few seconds, we immerse ourselves in completely new/unique states of consciousness. Well, to come back specifically to today's daily energy, it will certainly hold a very special potential for us and, if necessary, allow us to experience/understand our true divine self.

Today's portal full moon day undoubtedly brings us an extremely potent energy quality through which we can experience completely new states of consciousness and also completely new impulses. Magical circumstances can therefore definitely be experienced..!!

At the end of the day, this is also a circumstance towards which we humans, across incarnations, move towards a final incarnation in which we fully live out our true divine self, without having to succumb to dualitarian patterns, simply because we are The learning process, at least in this respect, is complete. With the help of today's energy quality, we could possibly lay the foundations for a corresponding manifestation. Well, before I end the article, I would like to finally point out a new video of mine about my new experiences with medicinal plants/medicinal herbs. In the first few minutes I harvest the relevant plants and then share my experiences. Ultimately, the video is very close to my heart, especially since the medicinal plants have enriched my life immensely in the last few weeks. A lot has changed since then and I have also been able to experience completely new self-knowledge and changes in consciousness. Definitely an extremely exciting affair and a video in which I reveal a lot of information, especially in the last 15 minutes. With that in mind, have fun with the video and stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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