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daily energy

After the last very intense days, today's daily energy is experiencing a tremendous boost and prepares us for upcoming changes. In this context, all events on our planet are currently progressing at enormous speed. Never before have there been so many people who, in turn, have dealt with their own source, with their own spirit, and in doing so massively favored a manifestation of this information in the collective state of consciousness.  Ultimately, humanity breaks through all limitations and initiates important changes or an important realignment in the collective spirit.

The disclosure of our own being

daily energy

Source: http://www.praxis-umeria.de/kosmischer-wetterbericht-der-liebe.html

On the other hand, this also dissolves a lot of negative programming in our own subconscious. As a result, our own fears are minimized more and more and our own potential for self-realization is developed more and more. By restructuring or rather reprogramming our own subconscious, more space is created for positivity. Old programs/structures are gradually dissolving and new programs, which are ultimately of a positive nature, then inspire our own mental + spiritual prosperity again. At the end of the day, as a result of this restructuring of our own subconscious, we humans also become more sensitive, more empathetic, identify more strongly with our own soul and stand more by our own feelings again. In that regard, it's also anything but healthy to suppress your own feelings. People who suppress their own feelings in this context and do not stand by their emotions subsequently also undermine their own mental aspects. If this then happens over a longer period of time, then all our suppressed feelings and thoughts are anchored in our own subconscious. In the long run, this creates a creeping overload of our own mind, since our subconscious transports these unredeemed feelings again and again into our own day-consciousness. In this way we also experience a permanent lowering of our own vibration frequency and promote the development of diseases. Our own overworked mind then transfers these subtle impurities to our physical body, which subsequently leads to a permanent weakening of our own immune system. For this reason, daily stress is poison for our own health. Nevertheless, we can put an end to this game, we can free ourselves from the spiral of mental overload.

Use the potential of today's daily energy and initiate a reorientation of your own spirit in order to be able to stay permanently in a higher state of consciousness..!!

Today in particular is perfect for this, because the high incoming energies can give us increased access to the manifestation of our own spiritual desires. For this reason, use today's very intense daily energy to free yourself from self-created mental blockages. This ultimately makes it possible again to remain permanently in a positively aligned state of consciousness. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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