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Today's daily energy on November 21, 2017 represents in a way the shedding of our own materially oriented perspectives and the associated creation of a state of consciousness in which thoughts of gratitude and generosity are present again. In this context, it is our 3-dimensional thinking and actions that repeatedly stand in the way of the development of our own soul and tempt us to block ourselves.

The expression of our EGO mind

The expression of our EGO mindNevertheless, in today's world we like to be dominated by our own egoistic mind and like to use its aspects to experience life, to experience duality. Ultimately, this also has to do with the largely materially oriented society, one could also say with the more materially oriented human civilization, which in turn is located in a system that has specifically worked and is currently working on the development of our own EGO mind. As far as this is concerned, the families that control states (financial elite, corporations, etc.) want us humans to be more materially oriented and, ideally, to have a discrediting and judgmental attitude. A judging, conditioned and prejudiced humanity is easier to control than a soulful, empathetic + spiritually open humanity. For this reason, it is also desirable for people to firstly reject things that do not correspond to their own conditioned and inherited world view and secondly to undermine their own mental abilities. People who are EGO-oriented subsequently defend their own conditioned worldview with all their might and point the finger at people who, in turn, have legitimized a system-critical worldview in their own minds. Nevertheless, this circumstance will gradually disappear, because due to very special cosmic circumstances (galactic pulse, Pleiades, Platonic year), humanity is currently going through a phase in which it is becoming increasingly sensitive and is once again interested in the supposedly “unknown” things of the world life opens.

Use today's daily energy and realign your state of consciousness so that you are more grateful + generous, i.e. more spiritual overall. Due to a sextile between Venus and Pluto, we also get support in this regard, because from 12:28 this constellation gives us strong passions, luck in love and also ensures that we have great attraction..!!

Otherwise, it should also be said at this point that we should definitely not demonize the elites or even our own EGO mind for this, because after all, both are important aspects that represent exactly one aspect of the current quantum leap into awakening. Experiencing the darkness or the EGO (more appropriately an EGO dominance) is an important part of one's own development process. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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