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With today's daily energy on March 21st, a very strong and, above all, charged energy quality is reaching us, which will give us a tremendous boost. On the one hand we experience the influences of the new Martian year, along with the now manifested Sun/Aries energy, whereby our inner fire experiences a strong activation. On the other hand, a arrives at 18:26 tonight powerful new moon, which is also in the zodiac sign Aries. Thus, today's daily energy is completely geared towards new beginnings, the power to manifest, zest for action and self-realization.

New Moon in Aries

daily energyIn general, new moons are of course always accompanied by an energy of new beginnings. This is even evident from our own biochemistry, because towards the waning moon or especially on new moon days, our own organism is much more designed for the elimination of heavy energies and waste products than is the case, for example, in the phase around the full moon. But this energy of the new beginning carries a much deeper power today, because today's new moon represents on the one hand the first new moon in the new astrological year and on the other hand the new moon is in the Aries zodiac sign, i.e. in the zodiac sign that marks the beginning of the zodiac cycle and always stands for the manifestation of new circumstances. And since the new moon is opposite the sun, which has also been moving since yesterday vernal equinox is in the zodiac sign Aries, an energy of new beginnings reaches us that we have not experienced for a long time. Everything is completely designed for us to recognize, develop and live our true selves.

Heal your mind and you heal the world

It is therefore about a deep liberation of our own spirit and, above all, about overcoming all self-imposed blockages and limitations, through which we continue to create a limited life. Our inner fire just wants to be completely ignited and lived. In this new astrological year, our self-realization will be in the foreground like it hasn't been the case for what feels like a decade. And this energy is extremely important for the ascension of the world or for the ascension of human civilization to a divine civilization. Because an ascended world can only return if we carry out this ascension ourselves and consequently live. Our inner world shapes the outer world and it is therefore time that we realize the truest version of ourselves. This is the only way we can manifest a true world outside. Matter always adapts to your mental state. Well then, let's absorb today's new moon or new beginning energies and align ourselves accordingly. Pure magic reaches us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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