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Today's daily energy on March 21st is shaped on the one hand by the overarching reset energies and on the other hand by the powerful influences of yesterday's equinox, which reached us again at 04:49 a.m. and represents a new beginning or stood for the beginning of a new era (and of course continues to stand). In this context, the spring equinox also represents the astrological beginning of the year, which is why this day is said to have extremely potent energy.

Turning point & new beginning

Turning point & new beginningThis is how this day stands, apart from the astrological beginning of the year and apart from the fact that this day marks the beginning of spring (Nature awakens completely from its deep sleep, everything begins to bloom, to wake up, to shine - applied to our lives and, above all, to the current situation, the current equinox stands or stood for the return of the light, for Beginning of a civilization that is now given the opportunity to rise completely, which is basically what is happening, because the Corona virus circumstance is gradually encouraging all people to completely rethink and a coming curfew that will definitely come, people will forced to look inward, which is hardly possible in the usual materially oriented system life - purely outward orientation, the world could only be questioned with difficulty & yes, the fact that this circumstance goes hand in hand with the restriction of our basic rights is of course not ignored However, humanity is forced to look inward, not to mention that nature can massively recover as a result), also for balancing the forces (Yin/Yang - day and night are the same length in terms of hours - special balance).

Planetary resonance frequency anomaly

Ultimately, the first equinox within the golden decade marked one of the other major highlights of this decade and has been accompanied by an enormous increase in the prevailing energy quality ever since (which in itself hardly seems possible, the energy flowing into us has never been so intense, and the collective has never changed so much). Well, in keeping with this, we again received stronger anomalies regarding the planetary resonance frequency (see below picture), which once again illustrated the intensity of the equinox.

Strong planetary resonance frequencyAt the end of the day, we are currently experiencing the greatest collective ascension and humanity is in the process of fully waking up. The battered system that is currently covered in darkness (Corona fear) and is therefore highly unstable, triggers completely the opposite, i.e. it ensures that more and more people turn to the light and find out the truth about the world and, above all, the truth about their own existence. Friends, the time of change has reached us all and great things are happening. All predictions come true and humanity ascends to a new dimension (Dimension = state of consciousness). With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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