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Summer solstice

With today's daily energy on June 21, 2023, we are mainly receiving the special influences of the highly magical summer solstice. The summer solstice, which in this context also represents the astronomical beginning of summer and for this reason marks the beginning of summer, is considered the brightest day of the year, because on this day the night is shortest and the night is shortest The day is the longest, that is, from a purely symbolic point of view, the light lasts the longest today. Therefore, the summer solstice is also a day of the year that completely illuminates our entire energy system. This is exactly how strong light codes or very profound impulses reach us, through which we can enter our true being even more.

The energies of the summer solstice

Summer solsticeIrrespective of the fact that the general current energy quality is permanently geared towards the healing of our being and also towards the healing of the collective, influences reach us from day to day that prompt us to revive our authentic and, above all, highest self-image. For this reason, an inner imbalance is reflected to us more than ever, especially in these times, because everything is geared towards ascension, self-healing and truthfulness. Our world is ascending and our light bodies are in the process of becoming stronger, little by little. And everything that stands in the way of this is currently being cleared at an incredible pace. The summer solstice represents an ancient, basically even highly magical sun festival (one of the four annual sun festivals: Also called Litha or Alban Heruin), which releases great potential in us and can give us great wisdom and important insights, even if we are open to it in heart and mind. It is not for nothing that this day is also associated with fateful encounters and circumstances that can have a major impact on our future life, which I have experienced again and again in recent years. The brightest day of the year also gives nature the energetic impulse to now fully focus on summer. Similar to the astronomical beginning of spring, i.e. the day in spring (March), which strongly stimulates nature to grow and, above all, to thrive, new points within nature are now activated, whereby the summer-typical properties in nature become apparent. The summer phase is therefore now coming into force and, like no other phase of the year, this stands for abundance, to be precise for maximum abundance. Appropriately, I would also like to quote an older passage in which the special energy of the summer solstice was described:

“The Solstice brings us some of the strongest energies of the year. It should put you in a better mood. These energies are meant to raise your frequency. Expect some big changes this week. That is, if you turn inward, you should already be seeing great results in your manifestations. If not, now is the time to do some more clarifying work. We will continue to resolve blockages in the future. The summer solstice is a powerful gateway. We have powerful Light Codes arriving right now. 

The summer solstice is a powerful gateway that can lead us into other dimensions and worlds. It activates the gates, portals and gates that lead to other worlds. When the earth is activated, everything opens. Also the veil is so thin now. That is, if you were feeling like you were in a fog, things should be clearer now/in this energetic space. With the veil lifted, you can tap into the spiritual like never before. That means you get more guidance and signs. Both should guide you and help you to move forward on your way.”

Sun moves to Cancer

Summer solsticeOn the other hand, another sun change is also taking place today, because the sun is changing from the zodiac sign Gemini to the zodiac sign Cancer. From now on a time begins in which we are connected with the energies of the Cancer zodiac sign. In this regard, the zodiac sign Cancer is always associated with extremely emotional moods and allows us to focus particularly on our families. We would like to experience harmonious coexistence in this respect and be there for our family or loved ones with full dedication. On the other hand, the sun also always illuminates our own essence, which is why we can be confronted with circumstances in the Cancer phase through which we live out a disharmonious attachment circumstance, for example. After all, cancer goes hand in hand with the activation of our feminine energy. The ruling planet of Cancer is also the moon and the moon in turn stands for our hidden parts, for our inner child and also for our emotions, which is why, as already mentioned, deep feelings can always be awakened in us in a Cancer phase. Our inner wounds, which are associated, for example, with a mother issue or even with suppressed femininity and bonding energy, are particularly in the foreground. Well, ultimately, another special energy in the annual cycle begins that gives us the opportunity to maintain stability in our inner soul life, which has a direct impact on our families and ancestral lines. And since this change is initiated by the summer solstice, these qualities are at the forefront. With this in mind, everyone enjoys the brightest day of the year. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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