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Today's daily energy on June 21, 2021 leads us into one of the energetically lightest days of the year, because today goes hand in hand with the extremely special summer solstice. The summer solstice, which ultimately also represents the astronomical beginning of summer and consequently initiates the summer energetically, is considered to be the most luminous Day is described because on this day the night is the shortest and the day is the longest, i.e. the light is present the longest. For this reason, it is also a day of the year that completely illuminates our mind/body/soul system or ourselves as a source and consequently the outer world as a reflection and therefore also as a source itself (as within, so without and vice versa. If there is a source/god outside, this also exists inside you and vice versa - there is no separation, ALL IS ONE and ONE IS ALL - break through your limitations, see yourself as the highest and recognize that these are outside world as a direct expression of yourself is also the highest that everyone can feel in themselves - especially since that highest only returns in the world when we perceive the highest in our inner world. There is no way to peace, peace is the way).

The astronomical start of summer

The astronomical start of summerApart from the fact that we are currently in the last breaths of the end times and are exposed to the greatest mastering process of all, i.e. a process that goes hand in hand with mastering our own being - the perfect unfolding of our holiness / divinity (highest state of consciousness), accompanied by the purification of our hearts (solve last darknesses of our hearts). The overarching energy is so strong that all discrepancies, imbalances and inner shadows are literally shot out of us. And in particular the energetic high of the last few days, which is now finalizing on today's summer solstice, will be an unexpected screening and cleansing of our entire cell milieu (and energy system) set in motion. At the end of the day it is therefore an ancient and, above all, highly magical festival that releases great potential in us and, if we are open-minded about it in heart and mind, can bestow great wisdom and important information on us. The brightest day of the year will also give nature the energetic impulse to fully align itself with summer. Similar to the astronomical beginning of spring, i.e. the day in March, which stimulates nature to grow and thrive (which you can see very clearly afterwards), new points within nature will now be activated and we will therefore experience the summer-typical changes there (Blooming, berries, fireflies, etc.).

Maximum fullness

The summer phase is now coming into force and this stands for more than any other phase of the year Fullness to be exact for maximum fullness. Anyone who has adapted to the natural cycles due to their alert mind and consequently resonates with them will feel this very strongly. In winter we withdraw and look inward. In summer we reap the fruits of our being, the fruits of our spirit and if it is of a divine nature (one is aware of the divine/Christian spirit), then we experience a maximum/holy harvest of what is due to our truest being. Anyone who is healthy himself can only attract salvation, i.e. holiness, perfection, the whole and consequently abundance. Now that today is also accompanied by the influences of a portal, this is truly a highly magical day that will usher us into an entirely new and bountiful level of being as we pass through the portal. Well, finally, at this point I will also quote a translated article from the site esistallesda.de, which in turn is about today's summer solstice:

"The gate to the new time opens.. the gate of abundance, success and happiness.. and very likely you have imagined everything completely differently, because now.. currently.. you are in the space of emptiness.. the space of nothing and everything..only the now counts and your intuition..outside this field is the fear that keeps you in the old. Nothing can be explained rationally anymore and your mind keeps telling you something different..it has lost its bearings..it doesn't find its way in this area of ​​consciousness..however..it feeds on time..on old experiences and time there is no moreThe light is so strong that dark aspects are showing..your shadows..and i hope you have done your work and accepted and embraced them..accepted and embraced you in all your being..if not, now is the best time to start. This is the only way you can truly be yourself and create your life out of yourself and not out of foreign aspects.

Movement takes place from the depths of your heart...a new cycle begins. Make sure you have a clean finish, otherwise it will drag on for you.
Surrender to the new...look forward to the new...and at the same time stay in the now and let go of your old patterns...quite consciously. Take a seat in your sacred halls..take care of yourself and trust that everything is happening for you.”

With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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