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Today's daily energy on June 21, 2019 is characterized on the one hand by the lingering influences of yesterday (Corpus Christi – Permanent Presence of Christ Consciousness – Self Love), on which, moreover, one very special magic prevailed (had very interesting discussions in this regard) and on the other hand from the energy of today's summer solstice.

Mighty Portal

In this context, corresponding days are always described as very powerful portals, after all they initiate a new cycle. In this regard, summer is now beginning and summer is accompanied by maximum abundance, just as nature is showing us. After all, nature is blooming in its most beautiful colors, everything is radiant, has come to life, flowers and fruits are beginning to develop - will ripen throughout the summer. The summer solstice therefore leads us into very strong states of fullness and can really revive us internally, especially in combination with the special quality of energy, which not only increases in intensity from day to day, but also has a serious influence on our further course in life (Origin - abundance - self-love - strength - we can make everything manifest). Well, ultimately, today comes with a very strong/magical energy and will bring our inner blossoming into sharp focus - it's a very important day. At this point, I also quote extremely exciting passages from the site antjelindenblatt.de (regarding the summer solstice):

The 19th wave - MEN - the blue eagle embodies the power of visions and takes place from 17.06. until June 29.06.2019th, XNUMX. It is the penultimate wave in the current tzolkin.

This wave is all the more powerful as it coincides with a full moon in Sagittarius on June 17.06th.
begins, the Summer Solstice Gate on 21.06. carries in itself, as well as a portal day on

This wave builds directly on the previous wave, in which we received inspiration, ideas and important updates, with the visions of various kinds that it wants to open up for us. She wants to take us even deeper into our multidimensionality and expand our consciousness so that we can recognize ourselves as a part of the whole, in which nothing and nobody can be independent of the other. Behind all of this is a higher divine plan of which our soul is aware and which is giving us in our human selves the very glimpses of it that we need at this time. The divine plan is ONE with our soul plan and we will start with the summer solstice gate on June 21.06st. elevated to a new paradigm, reality and dimension. With this gate, the earth and humanity will be flooded with light like never before.

This creates new synchronicities, important and fateful soul encounters are waiting for us and we are even more deeply integrated into the universal light network, which serves the divine order and also originates from it. The Summer Sun Turning Gate on 21.06. serves us as a gateway to a new dimension of being there. We are reactivated and renewed by the flood of light that awaits us with it, until deep into the physical plane of our some people awaken in their star self at this time. This awakening will be felt most strongly by the portal day on June 23.06rd. being carried by the red dragon, the power of creation, bringing this rebirth and renewal to the physical plane.

Well, today is therefore very special and comes with an incredible energy. The portal or summer solstice therefore marks an important point in time and fully serves the manifestation of a spiritual state based on abundance - based on light. We should therefore celebrate this particular portal and fully resonate with the frequency influences. Great things are happening in the background. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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