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Today's daily energy on July 21, 2019 is still shaped by the moon in the zodiac sign Pisces and on the other hand by the stormy or extremely life/consciousness-changing energy quality. The potentiation or intensification has therefore lasted since the past peaks (special cosmic interfaces – eclipses & summer solstice) and continues to lead us into our original state.

Important maturation process

Important maturation processUltimately, this initiation leads to our original state (State of consciousness/reality/life based on self-love, abundance, clarity, wisdom and purity - pure mind/body/spirit system) also accompanied by the completion of a maturing process. At present, many circumstances in life can be reconciled. The same applies to our feminine and masculine parts. The merging of both aspects (Union of dualitarian states), i.e. the manifestation of a balanced state that goes hand in hand with an extremely pronounced spiritual maturity. In this context, we inevitably steer towards a corresponding state of maturity, the current days/weeks are designed for this more than ever. It is not for nothing that we experience all the transformative states in the current phase and experience the most formative moments of all. The days are incredibly important for this reason

All things have the female behind and the male in front of them. When the masculine and feminine unite, all things attain harmony. – Lao Tse..!!

One could therefore equate this phase or this maturing process with "growing up", only that this growing up refers to the manifestation of our original/matured mental state. We start to leave our comfort zone completely and end all old structures/patterns/programs/dependencies/addictions/destructive beliefs and co. in order to finally be able to experience this maturity, resulting or accompanied by a corresponding purity. And when we have created such a state, then, yes, then miracles truly happen, because then we automatically attract circumstances from the outside, which in turn are based on this maturity or on this originality. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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