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With a very long delay, the latest daily energy article is back. For that matter, I personally couldn't sleep at all last night. Whether it was related to the portal day and the strong energies that came with it, or to Haarp, who like to create storms + cloud carpets on such days, generate strong frequencies to stem the inflowing energies, I don't know. Anyway, I haven't experienced anything like this for a long time and so last night my mind was over the top and I couldn't fall asleep until around 6am, which of course was absolutely no coincidence that I had such massive sleep problems on that day of all days.

Preparation for the coming new moon

Preparation for the coming new moonWell, even though it was very unpleasant and exhausting, a new day has dawned today, which in turn has new energies and, above all, new opportunities in store for us. In this context, today's daily energy continues to stand for our own mental and spiritual development. So the powerful energies of yesterday's portal day still have an impact on our own state of consciousness and are still suitable for initiating our own personal changes. As far as that is concerned, the measured values ​​are still going strong and can continue to stir up a lot in us as a result. Visionary and creative forces still influence our own minds in this regard and can support us in our plans to build something new. In my opinion, these energies will not subside in any way, but will definitely last until the coming new moon in two days. New moons in particular are suitable for the realization of new ideas, for the creation of new living conditions. Renewal, transformation and change are therefore key words for the coming days. We should be prepared for the fact that a time is dawning again when we can accomplish a great deal. With the help of the coming new moon energies, a lot can be created and we will be able to fully exploit our own creative potential.

Ask yourself what you still really want to implement in your life and start working actively on this realization. There's an interesting quote on that as well: Do it or don't, there's no trying..!!

Ultimately, we humans are the designers of our own fate and only we ourselves are able to determine the further course of our own lives. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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