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Today's daily energy on February 21, 2019 is characterized on the one hand by the still very cleansing energy quality and on the other hand by the moon, which in turn changes to the zodiac sign Libra at 15:22 p.m. and from then on gives us influences, through which we could increasingly ensure harmony in all interpersonal relationships and partnerships, at least the “Libra Moon” awakens corresponding moods in us in this regard (can at least promote corresponding moods).

Relationships in the new era

daily energyIn this context, we could also be much more empathetic and therefore empathize more deeply with the lives of our counterparts. In this regard, our counterpart always embodies our innermost being, because the external world ultimately represents a projection of our inner world, i.e. our spirit. This becomes particularly clear in partnerships, because one's own partner usually reflects our deepest and most hidden patterns (Of course there are exceptions here too, but as we all know, exceptions prove the rule). Above all, our own unfulfilled parts or states in which we are not aware of our own perfection (becoming aware of our wholeness) always come to the surface in relationships. Ultimately, it is always about our own self-love, about the rediscovery of our own divinity (Within a relationship it is ultimately about ourselves, about our inner becoming whole - a state that in turn creates the basis for a completely fulfilled partnership in which there are no restrictions. You can go through the process of becoming whole together - especially in the current high-frequency phase, in which there is generally a lot of space for correspondingly bright 5D bonds, or a separation follows - frequency difference - you are within for a long period of time caught in its own pattern and therefore requires this step). Relationships, when we have temporarily left our own heart energy and are experiencing a lack of self-love, strongly reflect the corresponding state of deficiency (self-love/self-confidence, if they are anchored in us, is also played back). Of course, you can take advantage of the whole thing, especially if you reflect on yourself, recognize (recognize) the corresponding projection and then let a circumstance, characterized by more self-love, become manifest again.

In service to a cause or in love for a person, a person fulfills himself. The more he is absorbed in his task, the more he is devoted to his partner, the more human he is, the more he becomes himself So he can actually only realize himself to the extent that he forgets himself, to the extent that he overlooks himself. – Viktor Frankl..!!

Those who succeed in doing this and who, above all, within the process of spiritual awakening, find their own self-love will find that at the end of the day they only need themselves (marry yourself - and then experience a partnership based on true love - the love of oneself, which in turn allows one to truly love one's partner as well, without limitations, without attachments). Dependencies within a partnership are dissolved and a relationship begins that is entirely in the spirit of 5D (relationships of the new time), i.e. a relationship based on freedom, love and independence. You don't restrict yourself, you don't cling, you don't judge, you don't fear loss, but you allow much more to be, you let go, and you just create space for love (I'll address the topic separately in an article soon, it's definitely too short for a daily energy article and I'm extremely tired as I'm writing this article...it's gotten late, too late^^). A subsequent relationship is also balm for the world, because the light created together, which is maintained by both connected hearts, has an influence on the collective state of consciousness that is powerful or can hardly be put into words. You then truly let the world shine. Well, now that I have strayed considerably from today's daily energy, I would like to finally take up the planetary resonance frequency again, because it was still very intense yesterday (see picture below).Planetary resonance frequency

As you can see, very strong influences reached us yesterday, which once again illustrates the intensity of the current phase. It remains to be seen whether things will continue to be as intense today. With that in mind, friends, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am grateful for any support 

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