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With today's daily energy on December 21, 2022, the extremely powerful energies of the fourth annual solar festival, i.e. the winter solstice, also known as Yule, reach us. In this context, we have four moon and four sun festivals every year. These festivals always carry an ancient energy quality and can bring about and resolve fateful changes deep-seated blockages from our energy field, illuminate our systems and also initiate new cycles or phases again and again. The winter solstice coincides with the full activation of winter.

Energy of the winter solstice

Winter solsticeFor this reason one speaks at the winter solstice, which, moreover, around also happy about the introduction of the astronomical winter. On the other hand, with the winter solstice comes a major reversal, because here we reach the darkest day of the year, when the day is shortest and the night is longest. (less than 8 hours). The winter solstice therefore marks exactly the point at which the days slowly become lighter again and we consequently experience more daylight. Thus, after this special event, we steer towards the return of light and subsequently experience a return to the vitality and activation of nature. It is therefore an energetically very significant day, namely the darkest day of the year (our inner shadows are fully addressed in depth before they can then be fully cleared), which has a cleansing and, above all, special vibration. It is not for nothing that this day was extensively celebrated by a wide variety of earlier cultures and advanced cultures, and the winter solstice was considered a turning point on which the light is reborn. The pagan Germans, for example, celebrated the Jul festival, beginning on the day of the winter solstice as a sun birth festival, which lasted 12 nights and stood for life itself, i.e. life that slowly but surely returns. The Celts, on the other hand, fasted on December 24th due to the fact that the cosmic power of the sun returns 2 days after the winter solstice and therefore regarded the winter solstice as a point of life.

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter in AriesNow, directly associated with the sun festival, the sun itself changes to the zodiac sign Capricorn. So now our essence is influenced by this earthy and also structured zodiac sign. In the coming time, general structures on our part can therefore be illuminated in which it is important to let a lot of grounding manifest itself, i.e. circumstances in which we ourselves are not yet stable. On the other hand, we could be far more conscientious and lull ourselves into a state of security. From now on, the Capricorn sign will let its entire grounding energy affect us until the change into Aquarius takes place. Well then, otherwise an important change took place yesterday, because the direct Jupiter changed yesterday after a long time from the zodiac sign Pisces to the zodiac sign Aries. The planet of happiness, abundance and expansion in combination with the sign of Aries represents an extremely powerful combination. In this way we can get a strong boost in the area of ​​self-realization and work with ease on the manifestation of new projects and plans. The sign of Aries itself, which marks the beginning as the first sign in the zodiac sign cycle, can therefore allow us to progress very strongly from this point in time. A lot will succeed and we can put countless new projects into practice. And if we follow this powerful fire energy, then our energy will completely thrive on a new ground. But well, finally I would like to refer to my recent article Reading, in which I discussed the hundredth monkey effect and how this effect shows us the power of critical mass. Have fun watching. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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