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Today's daily energy on December 21st, 2018 is mainly shaped by the moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Gemini yesterday and has since given us influences through which we could be in a much more communicative mood overall. On the other hand, the preliminary influences of tomorrow's energy quality certainly also have an impact on us, because tomorrow On the one hand, the day is a portal day and on the other hand, a full moon reaches us.

For now, special energy quality

MoonThe days before and after portal days, especially before and after full moons, always have a lot to do with this consciousness-altering energy quality along. And since the current time is generally dominated by a very strong energy quality, one could also speak of a very fertile and potent phase, we could make great use of the circumstance. The strong energetic movements will certainly have an intense influence on us and will subsequently make us more aware of our true nature. However, completely contrary experiences are also possible, which in turn makes clear to us a temporary absence. The individual mental state of each person is crucial (I will take up this again tomorrow in a separate article). Well then, otherwise it is also worth mentioning that today is the astronomical start of winter or the winter solstice (The shortest day and the longest night), an event that was celebrated as a festival within some earlier cultures. The winter solstice represents a return to our own mental life or this event is equated with a deep return to the inner world (introspection).

Among the ideals that can raise a person above himself and his environment, the elimination of worldly desires, the elimination of indolence and sleepiness, vanity and contempt, the overcoming of anxiety and restlessness and the renunciation of ill wishes are among the most essential. – Buddha..!!

It is therefore a day on which we can withdraw, primarily to draw strength from our own soul life. Surrendering to peace is also a key word here, because it is precisely in peace that we are able to experience a stronger connection to our divine source, which carries the aspect of peace within itself. Well, for this reason we should take advantage of this circumstance to be much more relaxed/receptive before the portal/full moon day, when concentrated energy will certainly reach us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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