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Today's daily energy on December 21st, 2017 is accompanied by the energetic influences of the astronomical start of winter, which is also often referred to as the winter solstice (December 21st/22nd). December 21, 2017 is the darkest day of the year, when the sun only has power for eight hours of light (the longest night and the shortest day of the year). For this reason, the winter solstice marks a point in time when the days slowly become brighter again, as the northern hemisphere now moves more towards the sun while the Earth continues to migrate.

Rebirth of the light

Rebirth of the lightThis day was celebrated extensively in various ancient cultures and the winter solstice was viewed as a turning point on which light was reborn. The pagan Germanic peoples, for example, celebrated the Yule festival starting on the day of the winter solstice as a solar birth festival that lasted 12 nights and stood for life that slowly but surely returns. The Celts, in turn, fasted on December 24th due to the belief that the cosmic power of the sun returns 2 days after the winter solstice and therefore viewed the winter solstice not only as an astronomical event, but as a point at which a change in life begins. Many cultures also celebrated the rebirth of light in Christianity. For example, Pope Hippolytus demanded that December 25th be designated as the day of Christ's birth. Ultimately, today represents the beginning of the return of light and the dawning of a time in which inner peace and harmony slowly but surely experience a stronger manifestation. For this reason, today and the coming days are suitable for reconciliation and serve to resolve inner conflicts, whereby we become lights as a whole or turn more towards the light. After the last 3 stormy days (2 portal days), things are looking up again and our longing for the light is awakened. In this context, the last 3 days were of the highest intensity, which I felt strongly myself. Suddenly and without warning, I was confronted with an extremely large number of conflicts of an interpersonal nature that completely threw me off course for a short time.

Today's winter solstice was seen in many ancient cultures as a turning point, i.e. as a day that ushers in a period in which the return of light reaches us. The days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter, which means the sun can affect us longer. The coming days therefore act as a kind of return of light and can give us new shine..!! 

For this reason, I have withdrawn a bit in the last few days and have not published any new articles; it is only now that I feel able to do so again. Ultimately, these dark days were also beneficial for my own prosperity and allowed me to recharge my batteries for the time ahead. So I was generally overworked because I was working hard on revising my first book.

Today's star constellations

Today's star constellationsSince I now look at some things from a different mental state, I am keen to publish a new version of the book (I can no longer identify with the current version). My goal was to finish it by the start of Christmas so that I could give away a few copies at Christmas time. Ultimately, this didn't work and the new release has been postponed for a few weeks. Give and take shouldn't just be limited to Christmas anyway and any time is perfect for it. I think the book will be re-released sometime in January. This time there will also be a free PDF version of the book so that everyone has access to the information in the book. Well, apart from the winter solstice, there are also various star constellations reaching us today that have a further influence on us. So at 00:13 a.m. in the night we reached a harmonious constellation, i.e. a trine between Venus and Uranus, which lasts for two days and can make us sensitive to love and receptive to our emotional life. Contacts are made easily and people are very fond of pleasures and appearances. At 2:03 a.m. the moon changed again to the zodiac sign Aquarius, which increased the focus on fun and entertainment. Relationships with friends, brotherhood and social issues affect us greatly, which is why commitment to social causes can increasingly come to the fore. At 29:19 p.m. we also reach a disharmonious constellation, namely a square between the Moon and Mars, which could easily make us agitated, argumentative and hasty.

Today's star constellations largely have an inspiring influence on us and, reinforced by the winter solstice and the moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius, can align our spiritual state towards harmony, light, love and peace..!!

There is a risk of quarrels with the opposite sex. Waste in money matters, repression of emotions, moodiness and passion can also become noticeable. At 22:08 p.m. the sun forms a conjunction with Saturn, which lasts for 2 days and could possibly make us depressed. From December 24th things will look up again and the returning light of the longer days can inspire us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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