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Today's daily energy on August 21, 2020 is mainly shaped by the preliminary influences of the upcoming ten-day portal day phase and is therefore preparing us for a very intensive and formative phase that, on the one hand, demands a lot from us will, on the other hand, benefit our inner unveiling, our spiritual development power and, above all, our entire transformation.

Preparing for a POWERFUL phase

Portal days preparationAs I said, at this point I can only remember the last phase of the portal day, in which it felt like things were exploding and at times there was an INCREDIBLE work/creative power. The days were extremely demanding, but were also accompanied by many moments of detachment, cleansing, inner realignment and, above all, many moments of fulfillment. Ultimately, these were also circumstances and energies that are generally associated with a portal day or even a portal day phase. At this point I also refer to the page again newslichter.de, which not only lists the current portal days, but also describes portal days in general:

“Portal days according to the Mayan calendar are days with a very high vibration and intense cosmic inflows/irradiations. Since the energies slowly build up and then dissipate again, portal days also radiate energetically into the day before and after, which is clearly noticeable for many people.

Portal days always have an impact on the body, mind and soul and require a realignment, a vibration on a higher level. Some people react to this with extreme tiredness, freezing or sweating, they feel completely slowed down and nothing really works. Others deal with restlessness, sleep disorders, dizziness, intense dreams, headaches or back pain. Drink a lot of pure water, consciously come into contact with the earth / ground (walking barefoot), exercise, pay attention to your diet (some people can tolerate “stimulants” such as coffee, green / black tea, sugar, dark chocolate, etc. on these days . much worse than usual) and making sure you get enough rest can be very helpful, especially on these days. On portal days the “veil” is very thin, so access to the spiritual world is much easier and more open. These are good meditation or channel days, days for transformation/healing work or for profound insights and changes. Portal days are doors out of time into the timeless plane where our souls are at home. The soul looks here into time through our eyes. Usually it's like looking through a small hole in the wall into the other room. On portal days, the peephole is so large that the soul can comfortably look across with both eyes, thus increasing the viewing angle.

Portal days in particular ask us to shed old beliefs and patterns, to gain basic trust, to feel and live inner peace and love. In addition, all daily qualities/themes are strengthened by the portal day energies.”

We can therefore once again prepare for ten extremely POWERFUL days, which will definitely fuel us with highly potent energies and make us all even more sensitive. In exactly the same way, the awareness of God will again come more into the foreground, because portal days in particular lead us more into our own source and subsequently reflect lower parts to us, through which we repeatedly allow ourselves to be prevented from becoming a divine one state of being/state of consciousness permanently or even to become aware of this divine state of consciousness in the first place (Source knowledge|Origin|Recognize yourself as the divine). In this regard, I am also very excited about the coming days. After all, I am currently experiencing powerful self-knowledge every day and have been able to expand my own mind to include new, important and, above all, information and topics that were previously unknown to me, but these insights were still associated with an inner tendency to retreat and calm, i.e. still I find it difficult to fully immerse myself in the activity.

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Of course, that's anything but bad, after all, such a retreat can be worth its weight in gold for us and, above all, can allow us to recharge our batteries. Apart from that, everything always happens at the right time, in the right place, everything should be exactly as it is, otherwise other experiences and circumstances would be manifest at this very moment. Nevertheless, the urge to experience the opposite has rekindled in me. It also feels like the end of this phase. In keeping with the temperatures that will now fall until the end of the month and, above all, with the portal day phase, which will certainly drag us back into the opposite mood. With this in mind, we can be excited. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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