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Today's daily energy on August 21st, 2019 is, on the one hand, shaped by the lingering influences of yesterday's portal day - the next ones will reach us on August 24th & 31st (Incidentally, yesterday's daily energy article was completely out of place Let me be careful - which also fits with the prevailing intense mood, the last few days have been extremely transformative - I withdrew a little and gave myself more to my inner world + my loved ones - “soul balm”) and on the other side of a moon change, because the moon changed to the zodiac sign Taurus at 06:35 a.m.

Moon in Taurus zodiac sign

Moon in Taurus zodiac signFor this reason, the moon will give us new impulses in the next two to three days. In this context, the Taurus Moon generally favors influences through which, depending on our own spiritual orientation, we can relate to our fellow human beings/family circumstances in a relaxed manner and precarious living conditions could react (or we are confronted with inner conflicts, through which we in turn allow ourselves to be robbed of our friendliness and peace, - cleansing effect - the Taurus Moon then shows us corresponding conflicts). Aside from this, the Taurus Moon also stands for peace, relaxation, community and, above all, perseverance. Well, the aspect of calm is particularly worth emphasizing here, because as has often been mentioned, we tend to often find ourselves in a certain state of unrest within the system (Especially in the current days of change, this can come to the fore - confrontation with your own unfulfilled parts). As far as this is concerned, our thoughts have a massive influence on our entire cell environment, i.e. the more destructive and restless (possibly emotionally upset/stressed) we are in an internal mood, the more an acidic, oxygen-poor and dehydrated cell environment is favored (on a physical level the three basic pillars of illness: → dehydration, hyperacidity and low oxygen saturation - everything is triggered by inner restlessness) and this lays the foundations for countless diseases.

Man, know yourself, then you will know everything. – Socrates..!!

Of course, our diet also plays an important role here, but our mind always comes first, especially since our life and, as a result, our diet are a product of our own mind (as origins/creators we make decisions ourselves and shape our bodies and our vitality). And these days our own minds are being severely tested in this regard. An incredible transformation is taking place and we ourselves are confronted with all the things through which we maintain destructive and health-limiting conditions. Today, the Taurus Moon could once again show us in a very special way the behaviors/programs/habits through which we allow ourselves to be internally limited and, above all, disturbed. As I said, an incredible light is currently reaching us, yes, basically an increase in frequency that feels like it breaks all shackles and it is inevitable that we are being asked to completely overcome ourselves. And in combination with the Taurus Moon, everything is amplified again. But this opens up undreamt-of possibilities to ourselves. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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