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Today's daily energy on October 20, 2021 is mainly shaped by the influences of the moon, which on the one hand reaches its full form around 17:XNUMX p.m., i.e. today we have a full moon and on the other hand by a powerful portal, because today suitably also represents a portal tag (the third this month - the next ones are on October 21st and 28th), which is why the overall energy quality is additionally strengthened. We are therefore entering a portal into a new level, along with the maximum fullness of the completed moon. The full moon is also in the sign of Aries, i.e. it is associated with strong fire energy. Only later in the evening at 22:02 p.m. does the moon change to the earth sign Taurus.

Powerful full moon energies

Well, regardless of the subsequent change of zodiac sign, an energetically very strong full moon awaits us today, which, apart from its activating fire energy, also carries the manifestation of the new, because Aries marks the first zodiac sign within the lunar cycle. Thus, the energy of the full moon, which is known to stand for completion, the maximum and perfection, new circumstances in our lives or new levels within our spirit (Patterns, beliefs, beliefs, new emotional worlds, etc.) very strong. Circumstances born on the last new moon can now reach their peak. And thanks to the fire energy, the whole thing is given a special momentum. We should never forget that the prevailing energy mixture reaches its highest intensity during the full moon, which is why, as already mentioned, medicinal plants have the highest energy and vital substance density at this time. Well, apart from the full moon, our relationships are also massively in focus, because the sun is still in the zodiac sign Libra. Basically, we can also speak here of the relationship to ourselves, because at the end of the day our relationship to other people or even the relationship to the world only ever reflects the relationship to ourselves (we ourselves are the world, as within, so without, everything is one and one is everything - Being impure with the outer world therefore also reflects an imbalance in oneself - one cannot blame anyone for one's own disharmony, the she is self-made).

The relationship with yourself in healing

And especially the relationship with ourselves needs healing in the current time more than ever. That we let our truest or our most luminous self come to life, i.e. that of God/Christ himself (the highest perceptible picture that you can accept of yourself, that God, the Holy Spirit and Christ can be experienced as states that you can experience in yourself, that you yourself are the source/your redeemer), which in turn is in harmony with itself, i.e. with the outer and inner world and bathes in love instead of hate, fear, anger, etc., in turn represents the most powerful ascent that we can carry out ourselves. And it is precisely this self-image that in turn marks the interface that only means true healing for the world. Only when we recognize the maximum uniqueness and thus the greatest value in ourselves, can we carry this value out into the world. Only the dark, which of course is of great importance in our growth process, tries to pull us into a feeling of being less important/weaker/smaller. Only when we become aware of our holiness can we bring holiness to the world. Those who are rooted in fear will look at the world out of fear and subsequently allow their fear to flow into the collective mind.

Stormy October

Well then, ultimately this full moon can also bring a lot of healing into our interpersonal relationships or into the relationship with ourselves. And the fire of the Aries zodiac sign can be a great activator here, giving us a special boost in that regard. At this point I would like to finally mention again that the relationship with ourselves is more important than ever this October. Everything rearranges itself. The quantum leap into awakening has been accelerated to the maximum and we should also revive an image of ourselves that is based on harmony more than ever, for the good of the world and for the manifestation of a golden age. For this reason, I am only now getting back to you with an article, because this topic has also completely gripped me and some original wounds should be healed on my part. October has therefore been extremely stormy so far and also required a lot of self-reflection and healing from me personally. But well, finally it should be said that, in line with this stormy energy quality, October is generally accompanied by stormy weather conditions. Especially today and in the coming days, for example, strong winds up to hurricane gusts are announced for some parts of Germany. Cleaning processes are still in full swing. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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