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Today's daily energy on October 20, 2019 continues to be shaped by what feels like the most significant and profound influences of all and therefore continues to give us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in incredible states of abundance. In this context, you can really feel the magic that comes with it and, purely in terms of your emotional states, gain insights into the coming golden decade (golden manifestation within ourselves, - feeling of permanent abundance & bliss, - created by oneself, in oneself - harmony).

Our shared shift

Our shared shiftUltimately, in this regard, we have all accomplished a great work together and solely through the continuous increase in our energy, through the permanent increase in our frequency state and, above all, through our constant spiritual development (the expansion of our state of consciousness into high-frequency areas, - new knowledge/new world/new beliefs - We are the creators/the origin of everything - you yourself are everything & everything is yourself, because everything outside only reflects our own energy or ours own mind again - everything is based on our own imagination, because everything outside represents our mental energy or rather ourselves - the idea of ​​ourselves and the world) completely changed the collective. After all, our complete state of being, as an expression of our source/origin existence itself, flows into the external world and thereby reaches all of humanity (everything is one and one is everything - you yourself are connected to everything and everything is connected to yourself). The more people subsequently adopt a corresponding frequency state, the stronger the corresponding state becomes manifest in the collective. And since we have now become so many people, or rather more and more people day by day, in incredible numbers, we are waking up and together we are bringing our greatly expanded mental state out into the world every day, an ever-increasing change is simply taking place in the collective field . Our influence on the outside world (our world) is therefore becoming stronger and stronger (is currently more incredibly strong than ever before), which is why we are currently moving into our own center more strongly than ever before (Origin) are catapulted into it at incredible speed. The huge shift that is currently taking place (Planetary resonance frequency has been showing extremely strong anomalies or shifts for days, and there is still no end in sight - see picture below), is due to collective development and reflects how far we have come in the meantime.

Planetary resonance frequency

At the end of the day, we have achieved incredible things and together we have massively accelerated the planetary ascension. And every day it continues to get faster. Until the end of the year we will experience a lot and feel/express our own inner gold, our light and our abundance even more. Let us therefore use today's daily energy and allow ourselves to be led even more strongly into corresponding states. And all of this without pressure or coercion, but with love, devotion and suction. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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