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Today's daily energy on May 20, 2020 is characterized on the one hand by a change of the moon, i.e. the moon changed to the zodiac sign Taurus at 04:10 a.m. (On the one hand, we could be in a very persevering mood, but on the other hand, we could also be in a good mood shadow-heavy structures/habits/processes could be confronted with – comfort – being fixated on the comfort zone – examining or reflecting one’s own deeply anchored shadow parts) and on the other hand from extremely strong solar influences. 

The sun has an unusually strong influence on us

sun exposureIn this context, in yesterday's daily energy article, I already spoke of an opened Pleiades Gateway, which will give us EXTREMELY STRONG FREQUENCIES until May 24th and thereby release profound structures within ourselves. At the same time, these impulses lead to strong expansions of consciousness, self-knowledge and moments of self-reflection (On a collective level, humanity experiences an even greater awakening - questioning the system/world - becoming aware of one's own divinity - oneself is God/creator/source). Well, along with this, the sun is currently supposed to give us special radiations, which in turn trigger profound processes within us. In this regard, the sun also feels much stronger and causes sunburn extremely quickly. For example, the day before yesterday I got a sunburn on my back after a short stay in the sun, which irritated me. Even my girlfriend, who has slightly darker skin type and never gets sunburned in Germany (only in very hot countries), burned himself all over his upper body, which was extremely unusual. Somehow the sun feels stronger, more intense and warmer than usual. Well, ultimately you can assume that the sun gives us VERY SPECIAL LIGHT IMPULSES to match the gateway.

Strong resonance frequency influences

Something unique is currently happening in the background and is setting special processes in motion. In this regard, the past few days were again extremely magical and confronted you even more with conditions that in turn had a shadow-heavy structure - apart from the fact that you yourself were able to react extremely delicately and sensitively to low-frequency circumstances. Planetary resonance frequencyWell, finally, I would also like to point out the planetary resonance frequency again, because after days in which stronger anomalies reached us, yesterday it felt like an escalation lasting several hours was manifest again (see diagram above). At the end of the day, these influences once again illustrate the intensity of the current days and, above all, the intensity of the current Pleiades Gateway. The days are getting heavier and we can't wait to see how strong the influences will become (new moon). With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂
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