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Today's daily energy on March 20, 2022 is mainly shaped by the influences of an extremely powerful event, namely the special spring equinox. The Astronomical New Year begins today, say the true new year (To be precise, at 16:25 p.m., because that's when the sun moves into the zodiac sign Aries, which initiates a new cycle). In these hours we are therefore experiencing the end of an old cycle and, above all, the associated initiation of a new cycle.

The Jupiter year – abundance and happiness

Jupiter year

Accordingly, a new energy body will shape the quality of the year. For example, the past year was under the sign of Saturn, which meant that our inner conflicts, primal wounds, unresolved/unprocessed issues, inner shadows and, above all, healing/confrontation with unfulfilled inner states were in the foreground. In this context, this was more than clearly noticeable for everyone; hardly any astrological year was so strenuous, stressful, but of course also clarifying. The entire annual energy quality was completely designed for us to heal our inner wounds in order to ultimately be able to live out a state of inner freedom (an ascended/holy state). Freedom, or rather the cleansing of internal prisons, was therefore also very important. Whether externally or internally, the Saturn year brought with it a lot of turbulence. And of course, healing processes, self-discovery and storms will certainly be active this year or will continue to be present. So it's just general overarching energies that want to lead us all into a new world. A lot is also possible on a global level, i.e. big changes can take effect (Many astrologers even speak of something “will happen” – i.e. energetically big events are about to happen), in whatever form these are implemented (ideally in a peaceful quality). Well, nevertheless, the energy of the Jupiter year can still feel much lighter, more invigorating and also more liberating. Ultimately, it is therefore very likely that major liberation strikes will take place this year in particular, be it internal liberation processes or even liberation on a global level (Upheavals that are paving the way towards a golden age).

The energy of the spring equinox

vernal equinox

In exactly the same way, due to the Jupiter year, we can feel a significantly greater pull towards abundance, happiness and inner wealth (and above all let it become manifest). Well, regardless of this, the energy qualities of today's spring equinox are in the foreground. In this context, this event is also said to have incredible magic, because from a purely energetic point of view, a quality of absolute balance takes place in this event. All of nature is moving out of the dark winter season and then entering the cycle of growth/light, which is why the equinox also represents a powerful transition into a phase of beginning blossoming. Nature is therefore also realigning itself, i.e. all structures within nature (Structures of blossoming) are fully activated. One could also say that impulses for growth are set within nature (something we can directly apply to our lives – join the natural cycles). For the most part, however, it is the energy of absolute inner balance that has an effect on us. At this point I would also like to quote an older passage of mine regarding the equinox:

“Nature is completely awakening from its deep sleep. Everything begins to blossom, to awaken, to shine. Applied to our lives and especially to the current situation, a spring equinox always represents the return of light - the beginning of a civilization that now has the opportunity to rise massively. In addition, there is a balancing of forces. The dual forces come into harmony - Yin/Yang - day and night are of the same length in terms of hours - an overarching balance takes place and allows us to fully sense the hermetic principle of balance."

Well, today the energy quality of a very special day reaches us and we should fully celebrate it and, above all, absorb it. From now on we enter the energy of a completely new year. Growth, blossoming and, above all, the abundant energies of Jupiter will now gradually spread. In exactly the same way, we will certainly experience new leaps within the collective awakening, the probability is very high or the overarching circumstance will bring it about automatically. Finally, I would also like to point out that at 16:41 p.m. the moon changes into the zodiac sign Scorpio. So the element water will also have an effect on us; one could also say that it wants to make us flow (to join the natural flow – flow/go into spring). In this regard, the zodiac sign Scorpio is always associated with the generally strongest intensity, which certainly reinforces the energies of the equinox. Extremely powerful energies therefore reach us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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