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Today's daily energy on March 20, 2021 will be like yesterday Daily Energy Article addressed, by the influences of the extremely powerful and above all highly magical spring equinox (Equinox) embossed. The astronomical beginning of spring begins at 10:36 a.m., because the sun then changes to the zodiac sign Aries and initiates a new cycle in this regard. In the same way, day and night are equal for a short time, which is why there is a balance between the forces. Masculinity and femininity, light and shadow, all duals experience completion (or want to experience a state of accomplishment). The resulting harmony or unity creates the extremely powerful energy quality that will guide us throughout the day.

The astronomical beginning of spring

For this reason, the vernal equinox is also said to have incredible magic (The situation is similar, of course, with the annual autumnal equinox), because from a purely energetic point of view, a phase of absolute equilibrium takes place on this day or at this point in time. Nature is moving out of the dark season into the cycle of growth/light, which is why the equinox also marks a powerful transition into a phase of incipient flowering. Accordingly, nature realigns itself. In this context, the energy of this day also flows directly into nature and consequently activates various energetic structures. One could also say that within nature the impulse to thrive is activated (Collect medicinal plants is therefore available today more than ever - for further absorption of this powerful energy quality). For the most part, however, the energy of absolute balance acts on us in particular, which is why we may find ourselves in situations aimed at the manifestation of this inner balance. Basically, this is also a fundamental aspect within the collective awakening process and also a universal principle. Everything strives for balanced states, for the golden mean or rather for the manifestation of a state of consciousness based on harmony, unity, fusion and perfection (a circumstance that can be observed on a large scale as well as on a small scale - hermetic law). At this point I also quote an older passage of my own regarding the equinox:

“Nature awakens completely from its deep sleep. Everything begins to blossom, to wake up, to shine. Applied to our life and especially to the current situation, a spring equinox always stands for the return of light - for the beginning of a civilization that is now given the opportunity to rise massively. In addition, there is a balancing of forces. The dualistic forces are in harmony - yin/yang - day and night are of the same length in terms of hours - an overarching balance takes place and lets us fully feel the hermetic principle of balance."

Well, today's energy quality is therefore extremely potent and wants to lead us completely into divine unity. And then there is the fact that today is a portal day (which will amplify the energy of the equinox extremely). So, in the truest sense of the word, we are traversing a portal into a new cycle. A phase of blossoming, light and abundance is upon us and if we surrender to this natural rhythm, if we tune into this cycle and accept our inner divine nature (the supreme "I am" presence), then we are able to revive the special characteristics of the spring phase in ourselves. And hardly a day is better suited for this than today's astronomical beginning of spring. As I said, highly magical influences flow through us and perfectly show us the unity or balance. So let's embrace this natural energy and welcome spring into the world and into ourselves as well. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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