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daily energy

Due to today's portal day, the daily energy is significantly more intense than on other days, which is ultimately also very noticeable on the outside. There is a severe weather alert for some parts of the country and strong thunderstorms + floods reach some areas. That's exactly how I was woken up this morning by a thunderstorm that was very impressive in terms of intensity/discharges, but also partly frightening. Normally I am fascinated by such natural spectacles, but this time the storm was so powerful that I was just filled with respect and awe.

Stormy Energies

Stormy EnergiesUltimately, the energies today are simply stormy in nature. The intensity of the cosmic radiation is even enormous. The Praxis-umeria website also reported on a measurement that had a whopping 300 zeros. The stormy energies can therefore also be felt today on all levels of existence. Whether it's a thunderstorm or conflicts outside, or even conflicts in your own heart, today many people will be confronted with their own conflicts and blockages in a special way. It is therefore also a matter of reminding ourselves of our own self-created discrepancies, but that we no longer lose ourselves in them too much, but instead start to break out of our own vicious cycle. Due to the process of spiritual awakening, many people have now become aware of their own problems, but the initiation of a personal breakthrough is still missing. Nevertheless, due to the special portal day energies today, we can finally achieve important changes and explore new paths. Today we can finally let go of our own blockages in a wonderful way, instead of getting lost in them again and again and causing suffering as a result. For this reason, we should address a few things today.

Today's stormy/special energies allow us to initiate a massive realignment of our own minds..!! 

Whether this is fighting your own addictions (quitting smoking, changing your diet or breaking free from relationships based on addictions), it is the realization of thoughts that have been rooted in our own subconscious for countless months/years over and over again achieve our daily consciousness, or whether this is simply the shedding of our own judgments, today we can achieve a lot and for this reason we can begin to massively change the direction of our own mind. In this way you stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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